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Deciding on a name is an important very first step while starting a blog. This post will suggest a few blog title generators that can assist you. Plus, you’ll additionally get some pointers on how best to get about choosing that one perfect blog name.

What are blog title generators? Blog name generators are tools that can help you come up with unique, nice sounding names. Many of the tools can:

Recommend a true range name predicated on the keywords your kind in.

Check if the domains corresponding to the true names are available or are already taken.

Often help you buy and register the name you want for the blog.

Let’s begin by discussing two distinct types of blog names: keyword-based names vs brand name based names.

Keyword Based Names

The expressions that people type in the target bar of a browser while looking for content are named keywords. If you can manage a name that matches keywords that are top precisely or partially, both people can find your blog more easily.

Let’s say that soccer is my passion and I want to start blogging about any of it. My first choice for a blog name including the keyword soccer might be something like “All About Football”. The domain URL will then read

However, is already taken. So I may need to think about a blog that is slightly different – check if names like “everything about football” or “football facts” are available. I can try prefixes that are using suffixes in conjunction with the names suggested by blog name generators to develop variants.

Your blog or website may be about soccer or any other niche like podcasting, boating, farming, flowers, beauty or travel, if not your personal profile. Long lasting niche, it’s good if that finds an accepted place in the title of your domain. It helps people associate the niche aided by the domain title. Keyword-based names can up give a leg with search machines. Nonetheless, retain in mind that there is going to be many comparable names with slight variations in the niche that is the same so it may be hard to get noticed in a crowd. And, you might become dependent on search-engines to create visitors to your internet site.

Brand Based Names We Blog name generators can also help you come up with coined words. These words that are coined be developed over time into brand names.

If the blog is all about you and your life, you can adapt your own personal name.

Or if you’ve been selling one thing, let’s say bakery items, in the neighborhood under any name, if it enjoys any level of popularity, you’ll use that too. The title may have a specific goodwill connected to it and you may tap into that for your weblog title.

You may also think of a totally coined name, a name that means nothing but sounds nice once you say it. Such names can have the potential to develop into big brands. Remember that today’s well-known brands like “Google” and “Twitter” started off as unknown names. Decide to try feeding in initials, letters, syllables or parts of words in blog name generators in the future up having a word that is totally new.

Developing a brand name is time and effort, but it may be better within the long term since people will probably remember that name definitely better than a generic name that is keyword-filled. But let’s look into this more deeply:

Keyword Based Names or Brandable Names?

If you’re unsure which type of name has greater potential – a brand based or keyword-based – Matt Cutts, former head of the webspam team at Google, has some words of advice to fairly share:

Basically, it does give you an SEO advantage if you have an exact or partial match keyword based domain. But just take care so it is backed by high-quality content that is relevant quality recommendations and social media mentions.

It’s best if the names are easy to remember and easy to spell whether you go in for brand based names or keyword-based names. Avoid strange sounding names that individuals are likely to spell improperly.

Let’s have a look at some of the blog name generators that are best and exactly how they stack up against each other.

  • Domainglo (

Domainglo is easy to use, yet extremely innovative. What I like that it shows up a lot of available domain options, so you don’t start regretting you didn’t register one earlier about it is. Let’s see how it works.

You first add in your keyword(s) of choice. It is something common, related to your business, or it can be a sequence of two or three words. Then, hit ‘Search Domain’ and have the wheel spinning.

You ‘ll get three kinds of results. The first category includes top domain names like .com, .net, .org. In the event that you’ve opted for an– that is existing English – word, don’t expect for a .com to show up though. The second category lists Domingo’s own generated names, related to your input, but perhaps not utilizing the keyword per se. Lastly, you’ll get three types of suggestions: one for names that noise like the keyword, one for rhyming keywords and one with random suggestions. The outcome marked in green that also has a price attached will just take you directly to a domain vendor where you are able to purchase your domain. Sweet! 

  • Nameboy (

Nameboy can come up with suitable names for the blog, according to keywords. Fill in a primary description as well as an optional secondary description. Then specify if you want hyphens and rhyme.

Once you see the true name you want, include it to cart. You may also save the name for later domain registration. Add virtually any domain name that you already very own to the cart. Subsequently, you are able to check out the domain names from the cart page, purchase and protect them. Once you create a free account with Nameboy, you can manage all the domain names you own from that account, anywhere the names are registered.

Nameboy also offers a selection of services related to locating, maintaining and registering a domain name.

  • Wordoid (

Wordoid can be an intelligent naming tool that assists you to decide on quality names using no significantly more than 15 letters. Key in your keyword, find the quality level, and the language you want. You can choose one or more language. Specify the location of the keywords in the name. Wordoid should come up by having a range of choices and their access for enrollment.

The names will sound you’ll and nice many likely perhaps not find them in a dictionary.

Wordoid is free to make use of. But, to look at your past search history, or pin wordoids that you’d like to revisit later on, you’ll have to signal in. It is possible to signal in utilizing Facebook or Google.

  • Panabee (

Just explain your idea in two words and then click Re Search in Panabee. You’ll have an inventory of available names according to the language. To simply help you widen your search, additionally makes alternate suggestions derived from the words you keyed in and related terms.

Panabee queries across numerous platforms, so you’ll know if the true name you picked is available on Facebook or Twitter as well. You may also check app name availability and domain name accessibility, including country-based domains.

More domain tools

There are many more blog name generators available. I’ll mention a few of them here for a specially useful function that each fulfils:

123finder – simply click on ‘?’ to discover who owns the name. Keep tabs on the date on which a particular domain name expires and access a list of domain names approaching for purchase.

Domainr – allows one to search the entire domain space that includes more than 1700 Top Level Domains.

Domain It – offers URL forwarding, this means you will get multiple domain names to any or all point to the website that is same.

Lean Domain Search – is a tool from Automattic Inc, the people behind WordPress. It is free with an accuracy of 95%. As unavailable names are rooted out with repeated searches, accuracy is expected to improve.

Name Mesh – suggests names in several categories like short, enjoyable, new, and Search Engine Optimization.

There you get it – almost ten tools to mess around with. The most thorough method to start your search would be to try out at least five of these tools.

Take note of the names you prefer and compile a listing of 10-20 new names you consider fit.

Then slim them down to five and suggest to them to the social people you trust. See which one happens to be the most appealing.

Nonetheless, if you trust your gut, the simple solution is to leap into Domainglo and pick an available domain that sounds right for you.

What if none of these tools helped, and you’re still considering different ways to come up with a blog name?

Grab a dictionary. A glance at competitors’ blog names.

Use a word generator. Simply Take inspiration from books.

Consider a language that is different like French, Italian)

Take motivation from the TV show.

Your blog name is your online identity, and you’ll invest time, money and effort to make it a well checked out a blog. Changing a title in the future is not easy – it’ll involve work like setting up redirect links, updating your address with Bing and undertaking a marketing push for the new weblog. You may also lose inbound links. Therefore, it’s better to make a choice that is careful of for your blog, right at the beginning.

What’s next?

So what to do next once you have actually your sights set on the perfect domain name for your project?

First, let me make it clear that which you generally don’t do. Don’t choose the domain from your domain generator of an option. The values you’ll see are generally higher.

Instead, it’s a much better choice to get a domain name through the specific hosting firm that you’ll, later on, use to host your internet site. The benefit is you buy a web hosting package that you can often get the domain name entirely for free when.

For example, one of our recommended contains, Bluehost, offers a free domain name also with their hosting plan that is cheapest at $2.95/month. Check it out. Simply get here once you understand what domain you need getting. Join it via Bluehost, and sign up for a hosting plan at the time that is the same.

Are you struggling with finding a name that is good for your blog? Us know in the comments if you need any help working with these blog name generators, don’t hesitate to let.

Irfan Shafi
I am businessman, software engineer, artist, web designer and writer.


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I am businessman, software engineer, artist, web designer and writer.

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