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6 Awesome YouTube Advertising Tips For Lawyers




Do you know that a staggering 1 billion hours of video are watched daily on YouTube? Are you aware that it is the second-largest search engine in the world after Google? Here, we are presenting some YouTube advertising tips for lawyers. The video-sharing network has emerged as a powerful marketing platform as it attracts a huge audience from all walks of life. As video consumption increases, marketers have also started incorporating clips in their promotional strategy. Many attorneys are using videos as part of their law firm internet marketing plan. They are posting clips on their own websites, social channels, and video-sharing networks like YouTube. Advertising on the platform is, therefore, a natural progression of this strategy. Let’s see how law firms can extract more mileage out of their YouTube advertising campaigns. Incorporating these tactics into your law firm SEO strategies can significantly enhance your online presence and lead generation.

1. Provide Value To Your Audience

While YouTube has introduced the concept of non-skippable adverts, there are still some channels which are showing skippable adverts. In case you do not want people to skip watching your commercial, then you must provide some value to them. Begin by stating their pain point and explain how you are the ideal solution for their problem. This is a much better approach than showing off your plush office. You can end the promotional clip with a glimpse of your awards or achievements. This will create a good impression on your potential clients.

2. Include A Strong Call To Action

You can create the best ad campaign but it will still not drive good results if a strong and relevant call to action is not included. The CTA tells the viewers what they should do next. When the message of the commercial resonates with people, they will be naturally inclined to take the next step. The CTA pushes them forward on their buying journey and encourages them to take the conversion will also have a positive impact on your website traffic.

3. Run Separate Campaigns For In-stream And Discovery Ads

There are two basic types od adverts on the video-sharing platform namely, discovery and in-stream. Discovery ads appear in search results or with related videos alongside a clip being watched by a person. In-stream ads are the promotional clips which you see before, during, or after a video. You must run separate campaigns based on these two formats. Each type will perform differently and, therefore, you need to plan a different budget and promotional strategy. Segmentation in this manner will also help in assessing the performance of the campaigns more efficiently. This is one of the most important YouTube advertising tips for lawyers.

4. Use Channel-based Placements To Target Potential Clients

A good way to target potential clients is to use channel-based placements. As mentioned before, YouTube is a large search engine and people are watching videos to find solutions. Identify channels on the service that are related to the legal industry. It will be even better if you can find channels which are related to your practice area. You can include these channels into your placement targeting. This will help you in reaching out to people who are more likely to convert than other viewers.

5. Set Up Remarketing To Target Website Visitors

Many people visit your website without taking the desired conversion action. This means that all the effort made by you in optimizing your website and marketing your firm only succeeded in bringing them to the interface. You can convert such visitors by using remarketing. This means that the people will be shown your ads when they leave your website to visit other interfaces. Set up such a campaign on YouTube as well so that people are reminded of your firm when they are watching content on the platform.

6. Include Individual Clips In Your Placement Targeting

Just like channel-based placement targeting, you can choose individual clips to place videos. Even if you choose a relevant channel not all videos in it, will be suitable for your purpose. This means that placing ads on such clips will not be helpful in targeting relevant audiences. Select clips that have content which will interest your potential clients. Placing adverts on such content will help you reach out to people who are ripe for conversion.


These powerful YouTube advertising tips for lawyers will help attorneys leverage the full potential of the platform to promote their practice. They will be able to devise a strategy that will be helpful in achieving their goal of maximum conversion.




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