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Artificial Intelligence – All you need to know




Artificial Intelligence refers to software or intelligence that is capable of taking in data and processing and reacting to it in ways similar to the human mind. With the utilization of AI in many fields of life, we have now come to an impasse where we may have to decide whether the use of AI is to be condoned or condemned.

That can only be done when we are capable of reaching a balanced and holistic judgment which can foresee the impact artificial intelligence will have on our world. The following are the ways through which Artificial Intelligence can radically alter industries and the workforce within.

The Pros:

  1. Can Create a Universal Workforce:

Perhaps the most significant advantage of artificial intelligence is that it allows companies and corporations in businesses such as the IT industry to removes the problem of having to contend with a diversified workforce. Usually, all human beings are conditioned in different ways through their experiences throughout life.

What that means is that employers have to contend with a wide array of employees who each have their problems and specializations. AI, on the other hand, has no trace of human emotion or sensations, and it can be programmed to do anything at any time. What this entails is that employers can make the machine do anything and at any time. The needs for a diverse workforce are eradicated, and so are the problems usually associated it with it, such as lethargy or human error. This universal workforce will reduce delays and can result in essential advances for any business.

  1. Can Perform Tasks that are Deemed Impossible for Humans:

Notably, the notion of AI seemed a handsome prospect for many due to it’s potential to “break the threshold.” This referred to what many thought would be a moment in history where the limitations of the human body were to be finally cast aside, and by the use of machines, humans could extend their net of creativity without the fear of their physical existence constraining them.

What AI accomplishes is to work without the fear of health or the need for protection that is needed by human workers. Long shifts are not only unhealthy, but they can lead to a drop in quality, especially in the IT industry. This can be a boon for employers as they no longer have to worry about the health of their employees and nor about the quality of the work being put out by the machines. Notably, in recent test sessions, machines were able to code almost ten times the amount that humans could in nearly half the time. This near constant creation and evaluation of data can help employers do what they could never have thought possible before.

  1. Can Respond To Emergencies:

The versatility of these machines enables them to be able to respond to almost any situation. This can include financial emergencies where suddenly your company finds itself leaking capital. Whereas human employees would generally be weighed down by pressure and expectations, causing their performance to suffer, AI would be able to redesign your entire business model.

It can find out if you are overspending on the development of a particular project or whether any specific software is costing your company and then produce the necessary changes to stay afloat. This can also be seen in other emergencies such as if a device stops working or a fire breaks out.

Artificial intelligence would divert the tasks to another device and activate the fire protection system, all in seconds. Humans, alternatively, are capable of being caught off guard and hence, the risk of damage increases.

The Cons:

  1. The Lack of Regulation

The problem with laws regarding AI is that human regulations are vague when it comes to machines exhibiting consciousness. In certain parts of the world, there are little to no rules governing the use of these machines. What this means is that owners of the devices can program them to perform tasks that may be illegal. This can include, in the case of the IT industry, spying software, or fraudulent malware.

The ambiguous nature of these regulations could entail a lack of security for those that come into contact with these organizations. The use of AI will become more prevalent in the time to come, and it is the need of the hour to produce regulations that are capable of curtailing the exploitation of individuals through the use of these machines. This should also include guidelines which are aimed at ensuring that AI programming is done with the consent of the state and the individuals they are meant to protecting.

  1. It May Lead to Extensive Hacking and Security Breaches

The only reason why hackers are not capable of breaking into all the software on the planet is that at some point, it becomes either complicated or requires too much effort. This is not the case with AI that is programmed to worm its way into other software. Artificial intelligence can read and find cracks in even the best security mainframes.

This can mean that IT developers are always under threat of having their personal and commercial software stolen or damaged due to the workings of these machines. Artificial Intelligence can also be programmed to use a variety of techniques to sabotage other software which can include spreading viruses. It may also be used in financial fraud such as phishing, posing an added risk.

  1. AI Bias can be Discriminatory:

As all AI relies primarily on the programming that has been done on it, it can at times be a manifestation of bias or prejudice. This can already be seen where the development of AI by racist or sexist individuals or organizations has resulted in the problems faced by people. If AI becomes commonplace and the programming continues to represent bias, employees may be hurt by the software if they fall under any of the preferences programmed into the machines.


The use of AI is a reality that’s undeniable and needs to be embraced, but the need for redesigning and evaluating the programming and regulations behind them is the need of the hour. Nonetheless, AI is bound to meet new levels of success in the coming ages of technology.

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