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5 Best Email Marketing Services Compared (2020)




Email Marketing is the best way to connect, build a relationship and turn into customers with your visitors.

To make your business successful, choosing the best email marketing service with everything you need is crucial. There are a number of special characteristics for each email marketing service, but there is no reason to feel overwhelmed.

In this article, we will compare the most important email marketing services in order to help your company choose the best email marketing service.

Do you want to use Email Marketing?

You must do email marketing if you have a website with traffic. E-mail marketing enables you, even after leaving your website, to contact your visitors.

A couple of advantages of email marketing are :

  • Increasing visits repeatedly : Over 70% of website visitors who leave your site never return. You can connect your visitors by collecting your email addresses and sending valuable content if you are creating an email list.


  • Build a loyalty: Visitors repeating are more likely to become customers than visitors for the first time. In fact, studies show that your potential customers need to think about doing business with you 3 to 4 visits to their websites.


  • Increased sales: email conversions exceed the social and organic traffic in search. So you need to begin email marketing if you want to make sales.

How to Choose the Best Email Marketing Service

Choosing the best email marketing service is important to your business. Just because an email marketer is popular, it isn’t always the best answer to your needs. There are dozens of email marketing solutions on the market, so it’s easy to overtake different choices. So we’ll break all of it down for you!

Here are some basic things you will need to focus on when selecting an email marketing provider:

Easy to Use: It is important for your business to use the email marketing service that is easy to use.

Automation: Nearly all services out there allow your email campaigns to be automated, but each one of them does it differently. Consider automating your campaigns with various tools and determine whether they help to solve your needs.

Pricing: The tool you choose clearly needs to fit your budget.

Keeping these points in mind, let’s compare some of best email marketing services.

  1. Constant Contact


Constant Contact is the most popular small business email marketing service. It includes tons of custom email templates that help to get you going.

You will be encouraged to select your industry and experience with email marketing when you start. You can find customized content and promotional ideas on the basis of your selections to help you improve your email marketing.

Constant Contact provides unparalleled support through live chat, e-mails and forums. They also have an extensive resource library.

Although most email marketing services provide you with 14 or 30 days of free trials, you will have 60 days of complete access to their tools. Following the trial, the subscription begins for up to 500 users at $ 20 per month. It is best for companies that have just started email marketing with Constant Contact.

Click here to join Constant Contact
  1. Drip


Drip is the perfect solution to make your visitors into subscribers and customers using smart marketing automation if you are an eCommerce merchant. Drip is not just a traditional email marketing department.

It allows you to talk to your customers deeper and send out emails at the correct time by understanding the intention and behaviour of their purchase.

You can adapt your messages to behaviours such as first-time users, returning website visitors, cart abandonment,  people who clicked a link on your site, etc.

You can send text messages to Facebook ads and more based on your customer workflow thanks to their extensive range of integrations. Drip is free for a user having 100 subscribers. Afterwards, up to 2500 subscribers, you need to pay $49 a month. After buying a paid subscription, email support during trials will be upgraded to live chat support.

Drip is the best choice for internet marketers and eCommerce websites.

Click here to join Drip
  1. ConvertKit


ConvertKit is the best email marketing tool for blogger and publisher. It was specifically developed for online creators such as bloggers, podcasters and YouTubers. You can create attractive forms with ConvertKit and send individual subscribers customized emails.

ConvertKit also helps publishers understand email automation. For example, you can create powerful automated email funnel with your visual automation builder to help guide your visitor through a value journey.

ConvertKit provides a free 14-day trial on signup so that the service can be tested without any obligations. The starting price for up to 1000 subscribers is $29 per month

Click here to join Convert Kit
  1. AWeber


AWeber is one of the most popular known for small business lead generation services. It includes all the key tools for expanding your mailing list.

You can design drag and drop email newsletters, automate email sequences and create mobile-responsive registration forms which are fantastic on any device. At best, you can easily integrate AWeber into your WordPress website, landing or opt-in form building.

AWeber is easy to get started. Go to the website of AWeber and sign up for a free trial for 30 days. Upon registration, all of their premium tools will help you to expand your email list.

Support options include live chat, telephone and emails based on tickets. The price begins for up to 500 subscribers at $ 19 per month.

AWeber is best for every marketer in general, especially those who have just begun email marketing.

Click here to join AWeber
  1. GetResponse


GetResponse is a marketing email software that lets you expand your email list with beautiful email messages and converting registration forms. Your email newsletter campaign is easy to run with their modern and beautiful user interface.

In addition to email marketing, GetResponse includes many online marketing features that help you to develop your business. You can create and host webinars, create beautiful landing pages on your website to make visitors clients and more.

Support options include live chat, e-mail and phone. GetResponse also publishes numerous useful marketing resources, like courses, white papers and videos, which cover various aspects of e-mail marketing.

If you are searching for a software email marketing with a nice and fast user interface, GetResponse is probably the right answer.

You can sign up for a 30-day free trial if you want to try it. Price begins at $15 a month.

GetResponse is best for beginners and other marketers who also want a webinar marketing solution integrated with email marketing.

Click here to join GetResponse


If you are a small business owner that has just begun email marketing, then Constant Contact is the best email marketing service for you. It includes all the functions you will have to increase your list of emails. Moreover, without any contract or commitment, you can use their 60-day free trial. You can experiment and learn about their tools before you start paying.

We recommend that you use Drip when you have an eCommerce site, which will allow you to personalize emails based on user behaviour, such as abandoned carts, first users, buyers, etc. You have a funnel builder for drip campaigns easy to use, so action driven campaigns can be triggered.

You should check out ConvertKit if you are a professional blogger who wishes to send personal automated e-mails while increasing your commitment. It is a specially developed email marketing service for blogger and publishers.

We hope that this article will help you to compare and find the right one for your needs.


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