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How to Ensure Your Blog Gains the Exposure that it Deserves




Have you recently taken a foray into the exciting world of blogging? Not only is blogging an excellent way to interact with an online audience, but some bloggers are even able to earn a full-time income. If this is the case, why do so many blogs eventually fail? One of the most common pitfalls involves an outdated approach to search engine optimisation and failing to appreciate the power of social media.


So, we will take a quick look at both of these concepts in greater detail. Whether blogging for fun or to create a side hustle, the information outlined below should be extremely useful.

Reviewing the Basics of SEO

SEO actually involves a number of different aspects. For example, choosing appropriate domain names and suffixes will inevitably impact how your site is interpreted by Google algorithms. Keyword placement and regularly updated content are equally essential. Even seemingly minor issues such as a single line of incorrect HTML coding can dramatically influence how your blog is ranked within search engine listings. The main takeaway point here is that adhering to the proper SEO techniques should never be taken for granted.

Content Length

This next topic has been discussed across numerous blogging circles and there are two different perspectives. Some feel that lengthy material is the best when discussing in-depth topics. Others observe that shorter articles tend to be more appropriate from an SEO perspective. This arises from the fact that search engine algorithms have an easier time interpreting the subject matter in question.

Understanding the Importance of Your Username

In truth, the length of a blog post will often boil down to the type of content as well as the demographic that you intend to target.

Using Social Media in Synergy

The success of a blog will often be determined by how many readers remain actively engaged. While content is still king, we need to remember that online exposure is just as critical from this perspective. Make it a point to link your blog to other social media channels, as this can enable your page to gain more attention. If you are interested in monetisation, it could even be wise to consider partnering with one or more social media influencers.

How Often Should You Post?

This is yet another common question and it warrants a bit of attention. How frequently should you curate new material? In the past, the “more is better” attitude was generally adopted. Times have since changed. Most experts emphasise quality over quantity. In other words, avoid creating posts for the sake of consistency alone. It is actually better to write quality material that will keep your audience engaged for longer periods of time. Even if such a strategy equates to only a handful of blog entries per month, the chances are high that you will be able to develop a loyal audience over time.

Above all, be realistic with what it is that you are trying to achieve. Success within the blogging community will require time, effort and a significant amount of patience.


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