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5 Tips To Market Your Small Business




You have built your business and know that you need to get your head around some small business marketing 101. It can seem daunting, but in reality, there is plenty you can do.  

Get creative and brave, spending lots of money on marketing is not always the answer. Here are just a handful of the hundreds of ideas to market your small business

Get networking  There are lots out there, and with the advent of a pandemic, virtual networking has gained tractionThe old saying is true – It’s not what you know, but who you know. Get out there, virtually or in person, and network — meet and greet. You never know when you will next meet your future customer. 

Become a local sponsor for an event or a charity CSR – Corporate social responsibility. A great way to get PR, and it can feel great to pay back in some way to your community.  

Tell your story  Most local publications and radio stations love an excellent local business story. If you have one, make sure you tell it! If you have an innovative new product or service, make sure you submit articles to the relevant industry, too – you never know where it may take you!   

Get your social on – Get creative and get social. Create pages on all the platforms that are relevant to your business. Are you a boutique retailer? Try Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. Are you an accountant? Try a mix of LinkedIn and Facebook. It is good to experiment at producing your videos for YouTube, too, or writing your blog – all are creative methods of letting people know about you and your business.  

Host seminars, webinars, and events – Showcase your business through demonstrations and knowledge sharing on webinars, host events inviting your best customers, and present at networking events. They are a great way to meet people and get to know your customers. 

Small businesses need to market themselves, but it does not have to be scary. 

There are plenty of innovative ways you can reach out to your target market and customers. 

By focusing on relationship building strategies, making alliances and collaborations, you will find promoting your business to be a community-led affair that, in time, when you have the cash flow can be supported by some professional help. But, don’t forget, part of that cash flow has to go to your employees using a business paystub maker.

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