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The 4 Tasks That Chatbots Are Adopting In Order to Support Industries




We talk about jobs that chatbots are adopting today in order to support industries to implement this type of technology in their processes.

During 2018, we saw growing popularity and use of a series of trends that dominated the digital world and prompted companies internationally to adapt and show flexibility. Today, not responding to these changes in technology and the gadget pro can result in failure and loss of customers.

Terms such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cloud services were discussed and discussed to a large extent, following the evolution of technology. One of the most talked-about and used were the chatbots because thanks to its versatility it is possible to use them in different sectors.

Thanks to their successful adoption by the end-user, these tools are being incorporated more and more. According to a study published by The Economist, 75% of company executives interviewed say they will implement AI in the form of chatbots in their companies over the next few years.

“The banking industry is one of the most representative cases of the benefits of chatbots, but they can also be used to train employees, in customer service.

Since most audiences do not mind talking to a robot instead of a person, 63% of people would consider sending a message to a bot to communicate with a company), it is not surprising that the future of these platforms is going bright.

Therefore, Nearshore Delivery Solutions presents four tasks that chatbots are already adopting in order to support American industries to implement this type of technology in their processes.

  1. Customer service

It is increasingly common that when a customer is dissatisfied with a particular product service or brand, raise their problems on social networks, demanding quick solutions.

In search of responding to their clients in more effective and agile ways, many companies have integrated chatbots into their social networks. Thus, clients can resolve their doubts quickly by chatting with the chatbot, leaving the most complex questions in the hands of human executives and optimizing resources.

This also means less time for users in search of answers, it is also a saving of resources for the companies that implement them, as well as an improved service between client and brand.

  1. Staff training

Driven by AI, chatbots have the ability to teach all kinds of topics for which they have programmed thanks to their learning and personalization skills, being especially useful for staff training.

These conversational agents act as a tutor that reinforces the teaching process in the training, making the learning experience a more dynamic process for the user.

One of the most powerful advantages of receiving training through a chatbot is its flexibility and ability to adapt to the specific needs and requirements of a particular person.

  1. Tour guides

A Chatbots can also function as a promoter and diffuser of culture when interacting with visitors to a museum. You can explain and give details about an exhibition, the artists, dates, schedules, and responsible curators. They understand natural language and context, so they can also resolve frequently asked questions about events and new exposures, offering full-time care coverage.

There are already different museums around the world such as the Museum of Modern Art in Buenos Aires and the Anna Frank Museum in Amsterdam, which have already implemented these solutions.

  1. Encourage online sales

The Chatbots can be programmed to gather information about the client, process it and based on it, guide it to produce a product that is likely to interest them. Some Chatbots even accompany buyers throughout the process, from recommendation to payment.

Many banks are already adopting this new sales method to offer financial products in a personalized way. Chatbots are so versatile that they are also used as agents by the hotel industry, airlines, and even pizzerias.

Chatbots are excellent members of any work team and their learning capacity, along with the heavy investment that has been made in the field of AI makes this tool an attractive option for companies and public institutions of all sizes.


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