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What is Content Delivery Network and Why You should use it ?




Content delivery network or CDN is among the names which you’ll all the time hear whenever somebody is speaking about speeding up your website. CDN has become one of many best methods to make your website load faster.

In fact, speed checking tool like Google page speed suggests utilizing a good content delivery network to enhance the site performance. People with a technical background are aware of what’s CDN and advantages of utilizing the content delivery network, however, for non-technical individuals, it seems like some unheard word.

Now in this blog post, I will talk about the Content Delivery Network and why you should use it?

What is Content Delivery Network?

Let me briefly describe it in a simple language. We normally use shared hosting, and all our information are hosted at one data centre. For instance, mine is hosted at Inmotion hosting and I’m utilizing Texas data centre.

Now, when a User opens bloggerwalk.com, his request goes to my data centre at Texas, and that’s how it records data and thus my websites load on his browser. Sound easy! However this results in excessive ping and latency and thus it takes time for the website to load, relying upon the situation of the person.

Now, a content delivery network has a data centre on the totally different geographical location and when your website is utilizing a CDN network, and a reader opens your website, your files (Photographs, static files) are served from the closest data centre of CDN network you’re utilizing. This reduces the ping, latency and thus your website serves quicker. That is the primary and good thing about utilizing a Content Delivery Network.

In a different phrase, they make use of a method name content replication, the place your content is copied on completely different servers situated in numerous area. A Good CDN service may have a number of servers in numerous areas.

When you’re serving your Web site file utilizing a content delivery Network, you are technically saving the time of your readers and decreasing the server load, as files will be served from different servers and not your hosting firm.

While you configure a CDN, you make use of the pull or push approach to add your current information to a server, here’s a self-explanatory picture from MAXCDN, which clarify the way it works:
Advantages of using a content delivery network

Speed: The main advantage is your website will load faster. Not only that page load time is one of the search ranking factor

Cost Saving: Working with a CDN will result in noticeable savings for your company. Rather than investing in infrastructure and separate service providers across the globe, a global CDN will reduce costs by eliminating the need to pay for high-priced foreign hosting

Other Advantages include :

Decrease server load
Faster content delivery
Increase in the number of concurrent users
More control of asset delivery


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