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4 Tips to get more out from your Blog




Every individual, at one point in life or another, has thought about starting a blog. A blog has several benefits including a strong online presence, a dedicated following and sometimes even a consistent revenue source. Starting a blog like gogoanime is simple but taking it to the dollar heights is a whole another task. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the methods through which you can reap the maximum benefits out of your blog. So, let’s get started.

Content is king

Stating the obvious here but content really is the king. Publishing quality content is imperative if you plan on making your blog popular. The content should be unique showing deep insight and research which is helpful to the visitors of your blog. High-quality content also plays a key role in SEO, so you need to create a good quality and helpful blog if you want search engines to recognise you.

Promote yourself

Apart from creating some superior content, you also need to spread the word. Some genuine promotion ( not spam ) is recommended so that your blog gets noticed in the internet world. Contributing constructively in forums, participating in chat rooms, writing guest posts are some of the ways to increase the presence of your blog. Guest Posts are one of the most effective methods of generating buzz around your blog. You can contact other bloggers who might be interested in publishing guest posts. Some of the examples I can think of are Divjot.Co , Boskier.com and Rohitink.com. Guest Posts also play a key role in driving organic traffic from search engines to your site making them one of the most powerful tools for the promotion of your blog.

Consistency counts

Apart from quality, you also need to maintain consistency. The blog needs to be updated regularly with new content. This gives the search engines an impression that the blog is active and buzzing. A consistently updated blog is given precedence when it comes to organic traffic and search engine ranking. There is no precise time interval for blog updating but a blog update within 24-72 hours is recommended. It also depends on the search engine bots and the time gap between two consecutive crawls on the website.

Avoid negative tactics

In order to increase the reputation of your blog, avoid any kind of negative methods to promote your blog. Spamming is highly frowned upon by search engines and contributes negatively to the overall reputation of a website. Also, publishing any prohibited or offensive content can also prove detrimental to your blog. In order to reap the maximum benefits out of your blog, stay away from any kind of negative promotion tactics.

So, these are some of the most basic tips in order to maximize the profits out of your blog and increase its online presence. A blog is just like a plant. You have to nurture it in order to reap the fruit and it can take some time and effort but it is well worth it.


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