How to create a perfect brand name that sticks

Every startup name is, and you should invest time while searching for a brand name because it’s one of the crucial factors that can make your business successful. For Example, Insurance .com was sold for $35.6 million and this means that have spent a massive amount of money on a domain name

If your startup is well funded, then don’t hesitate to spend money on a domain name. But it’s essential to do forecasting to know whether this sum of money, you are going to spend on a domain name.

Will it provide me benefits?
Can it offer me an advantage over other names?

We are now coming to a point which domains we should buy and is it necessary to spend four, five, six or even sever figure for just a domain name.

There are usually hundreds of domain marketplaces to buy a domain name, but it’s not necessary to go there to buy a domain name and spent four or five figures. There is a simple solution to this problem. There are many companies like squad help where thousands of creatives will help you to brainstorm a Brand or domain for just at a meager price.

So why is it better to buy a service from there instead of opting for an option to buy from a marketplace?

  1. Customization: The most important thing is customization. We can tell these companies what kind of domain we want and what not. What to include and what to exclude. E.g., while purchasing a flat, you can get two options a ready made one and another one where you can tell a developer which kind of design and flat you want and after you approve it. He can work on your project.
  1. Your Brand Name and Domain Name should match

    If you are purchasing a domain name first, it might create confusion, or if you are creating a brand name first, this also might create confusion. Maybe the Brand name you registered and the domain name is not available. Or you purchased a domain name, but a Brand name is already trademarked in your country.

    So better is to create a brand name and domain name at the same time while keeping the trademark and social media check-in mind. E.g., when Dropbox was launched, they used a domain name GetDropbox .com, but later they changed a domain name and purchased a Dropbox .com because a massive chunk of traffic was navigated directly to Dropbox .com, which they did not own. Save yourself some trouble and pick a startup name and domain name together.

Now in case you are trying to create your domain name yourself.

In that case below tips will be useful:

  1. Use a domain name generator : To get an idea or kind of a suggestion, I suggest using a domain name generator. There are many kinds of domain name generators online, but I would recommend using Domainglo. It works in three ways. First, it generates a different type of domain. The second option is my favorite one in which a team of Domainglo has put handpicked domain names. And last but not least it provides keyword suggestion based on your keyword.
  1. Choose always a .com domain but note that doesn’t guarantee success. Many startups have done well with other domain extensions like .net, .org, .io and many more but there is always an advantage with .com as most of the people use .com while searching web.
  1. Choose short, catchy and easy to spell name.
  1. Try to avoid using hyphens and numbers in a domain name.

By following this small step by step guide, you can avoid mistakes that many founders make while choosing a brand or domain name.

Your brand name and a domain name is probably not going to make your startup. It certainly doesn’t hurt to have a great name, but a great name can have a much more significant impact on your startup for a long time run.

After brand name every one needs. You can learn now how to start a blog in 2019

Irfan Shafi
I am businessman, software engineer, artist, web designer and writer.


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I am businessman, software engineer, artist, web designer and writer.

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