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5 Best Cloud Storage Solutions for Small Business




Cloud storage to keep your work documents in the cloud, meaning that your team can work remotely, and automatic sync, saving data, and safety of important information, for small businesses becomes necessary.

When choosing a provider, first, you need to line out your business needs, and with that in mind, you can see the list of what we consider to be the best Cloud Storage on the market now.



OneDrive was developed for Windows OS, but it works with Macs and all mobile device OS, and the key feature for using it is integration. OneDrive provides storage, backup, sync, shareability, and security of your data. For business users, it also provides search efficiency, teamwork, and 24/7 professional support.

These are their prices and features:

– Plan 1: 1TB of storage; per user per month allows up to 15GB for $5

– Plan 2: Unlimited storage; per user per month $10; provides data-loss prevention, protects sensitive data and can retain deleted and edited documents

– Office Business 365 Premium offers all from previous plans plus cloud-based Office Suite, Exchange, SharePoint, Skype for Business. The cost of this plan is $12,50 per user per month.

Google Drive

Google Drive

Google Drive is the best for businesses that need storage for business photos and video, among other data. With all essential features, it has photo, and video specifics (for media features) such as viewers, players, editors, and the files are easy to share.

Google offers 15GB of free storage, but for Business users, there are especially paid choices; you will get a free 30-day trial and then you can choose a Basic or Business plan.

G Suite Basic has 30GB of storage, Gmail addresses that you can modify for your business, calendars, and controls and security for administrators.

G Suite Business provides unlimited storage for $10 per user per month. For businesses with five or fewer users, storage is set at 1TB per user. Also, it provides a secure vault for confidential documents.

Both Paid versions provide you with 24/7 support, controls of sharing, and leading reporting.



Dropbox is used to store data, share files, and interface on projects. It is one of the favorite cloud services for small businesses, and it is straightforward to use. It provides one central core for online storage of files and data, sharing those, and synchronizing across all of your devices.

Desktop apps are offered for Windows or Mac, mobile apps for iOS or Android devices, and from your browser, it is offered on the web. Also, regarding security, all your data are backed up and secure in cloud storage.

Dropbox has Personal and Business pricing plans.

Business plans are:

1) Professional – 3TB, 1 user, send up to 100GB per transfer

2) Standard – 5TB, 3+ users, sent up to 2GB per transfer

3) Advanced – unlimited storage, 3+ users, 100GB per transfer, 180 days file recovery, 180-day history Dropbox Rewind, Shared link controls, email, and live chat support.

– $16,58/month (for individuals)

– $12,50/user/month (for smaller teams)

– $20/user/month (for larger teams)



The Box is a cloud storage option that is focused on business needs. It offers excellent collaboration options seen in software solutions like Smartsheet, integrates with Microsoft Office and Google, and has top security features; two-factor authentication and project management are included, note-taking also. Private Key management is a feature that you have to pay extra.

Box allows you to directly edit and collaborate from their software, and it has the option to edit spreadsheets or text directly from your mobile device.

Pricing: 10GB for free, 100 GB for $14/month, or $120 per year. The number of devices is unlimited.



IDrive is easy to use, offers cheap storage and lots of features, and is cloud storage with backup. Its exception is in its hybrid cloud storage and backup solution, which means that IDrive backups your device automatically. You don’t need to manually move one by one file that you want to put into a sync folder.

Regarding the main use, cloud storage, you will get it for a very affordable price. You get 5GB storage for free, two paid personal Plans, 5TB ($5,79/month), and 10TB of storage ($8,29/month), but you will have to sign up for an entire year. Regarding Business Plans, IDrive has 6 paid plans (from 250GB storage to 12,5TB storage).

Also, a great feature of IDrive is that you can synchronize automatically content between devices.


If you look for yourself, you will see that there are many options and offers when searching for a cloud storage company. We think that in those five recommended ones, you will find one that matches all your needs as a small business owner.


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