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Best Instagram Growth Services and Platforms that Will Help You Skyrocket Your Profile




Instagram is a social network where presence has simply become a MUST these days, and this best explains how Instagram is actually the leading social network in the world in terms of popularity.

There has been an expansion of video content on Instagram, a type of content adaptable to any type of business and profile.

Annual reports regarding digital technologies for 2020 have estimated that 90% of people who are present online daily on the internet consume the most video content.

If we add that both middle-aged men and women are present on Instagram, who are a clear target group, it is obvious how profitable Instagram can be if used properly.

Is it legal to use Instagram growth services?

Reaching a high number and accompanying actions without fake followers requires an extremely long period, great luck, and maximum effort but raising the profile to a higher level today is possible with the use of available services and platforms that help the profile grow quickly.


Using these services, users are usually required to share their username and password with a third party. The user absolutely loses the ability to be protected from Instagram in case of any abuse and possible problems with profile caused by a third party. Instagram services as such are not illegal to use, but their use is contrary to the terms of use of Instagram.

While there are services that do everything legally and improve the user profile, fulfill the promises and bring profile to ideal results listed in the offers that result in popularity, gaining an audience, and bringing benefits to the profile, on the other hand, there are also those that sell fake followers who never interact and engage with the profile and thus make it face various problems. So, the whole process may end up with a profile being suspended.

Here are several platforms and services which offer help in the profile growth process.



Hashtags, something well known to everyone, are one way that can really contribute to the growth of profiles if we know how to create and use them correctly. The real helper is the Ritetag tool, which is available as a Chrome extension and a mobile application (both iOS and Android).

This tool works on the principle of scanning content and automatically suggesting the best hashtags that can do the most for your content at that moment.

Price: 7 days free trial / $ 49 per year, which includes 1000 queries per month.



This software tool guarantees profile growth based on real profiles without fake followers and bots. To achieve this, Kicksta uses artificial intelligence based on your inputs: competitors, interesting influencers for your industry, brands, and such information. It actually finds similar profiles and interacts with their audience to interact with your profile as well and stay there as long as what you deliver takes their attention. 

Price: from $ 49 per month for the STANDARD PLAN to $ 99 per month for the PREMIUM PLAN.

Social Sensei

Social Sensei

This agency is special, which can be deduced from its name. Namely, each client gets his social “sensei,” his social teacher in the form of a profile manager who is initially introduced to the profile and goals of the client.

Social Sensei is not exclusively focused on the number of followers, the number of likes, and similar short-term things. Still, their focus, as they say, is on achieving long-term results, all based on a complete social media marketing plan.

The process is simple, the client’s profile is linked to celebrities and influencers who post giveaways that require a certain Instagram profile. This simply brings new followers to the client profile.

What is most important to single out is the fact that this agency does not require, as they say, the password of the client’s Instagram profile.

Price: $ 299 per month for the Silver 3k package to $ 999 per month for the Platinum 10k package.

Social Buddy

Social Buddy

When the result, security, and price are considered, some consider it one of the best services for Instagram growth. Besides increasing the number of followers, this service improves the connection between the profile and the audience.

In addition to targeting followers based on your competitors and influencers in your industry, Social Buddy also uses other targeting factors such as location, occupations, hashtags, and so on. In fact, they manage to gradually increase the number of Instagram followers but to keep it natural.

In today’s world, where robots tend to change people in everything, this service stands out as a service that is not a bot but a service run by humans.

Price: $ 99 per month.



Another service that uses Artificial intelligence to improve Instagram profiles is AiGrow. Even though it uses AI, profile growth gained using AiGrow is gained organically.

After you create your account for free and add a few hashtags and competitive Instagram accounts, it starts generating a list of your potential followers. This is followed by selecting the package you opt for. Your manager goes through the program and helps you start profile growth. Within 24 hours, growth experts connect with people, and your new followers arrive on your profile. Also, VIP users get a lot of possibilities and options that this platform additionally offers.

Price: $ 129 per month for a 12 month Pro pack plan to $ 199 per month for a Pro-managed plan.


Numbers in themselves mean absolutely nothing unless they are followed by natural interaction with followers. The goal is to have people on your profile who like you, want to be connected with you, and who are interested in what you represent in the long run.

An enormous number of opportunities to work on a profile that will elevate it to the top are present. From the natural way where you work, persistently and well and go to profitable popularity without using any services to the use of platforms of different types, of which there are many and where most of them promise only the best. What makes a difference is knowing whether and how to take risks, what to choose and to whom to leave your profile, to research well who really works in the best way in your interest, and play by the rules.


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