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BigCommerce vs Shopify – Comparison and Verdict




If you are planning to open an online store, then it’s the right time to start an eCommerce Store. Research from many firms suggests more than 50% of selling and purchasing goes through online instead of physical stores.

Now, let’s look at most popular two eCommerce platforms – BigCommerce vs Shopify.

We will pit them against each other and will form a verdict based on their price, plans, features etc.

Open Source vs. SaaS

Infrastructure and hardware are two important things while choosing your eCommerce platform. There are two platforms to choose from – open source and software as a service (SaaS).

With an open source, you need to manage everything like hosting, web design, security, web development and much more. If can’t manage it then you need to hire a web developer. Woo-commerce is the most popular open source platform.

Software as a service (SaaS) is a great platform to start an online store. With SaaS, you don’t need to hire a web developer. All the backend work like will be handled by the vendor, so that you can get time to concentrate on your online store.

The two most famous eCommerce platforms are BigCommerce and Shopify.  They both are the best choice for store owners to start their online business. If are new to an eCommerce platform, who wants to start an online store or a person who wants to save time and wants to focus on online sales. Then the SaaS platform is the best for your business.

Ecommerce Functionality

Creating an online store is great for selling a product to the world, but it is necessary to manage a store.

In order to sell products, your eCommerce website needs features, so that it will get the attention it deserves.

BigCommerce and Shopify are powered with great functionality and contains lots of tools to do these things with ease.

Let’s check how they do it.

Shopify Features:

Shopify has every tool that is needed to handle your stock, sales and clients. A secure checkout facility is also available.

With their photo uploader, you can upload a picture, optimize and resize it.

In order to assist with shipping, you can enter the information of the product such as size, weight and amount.

If you are selling product anywhere else, then you can import this product list through CSV file. There is another option to synchronize your Shopify inventory with Magneto or eBay.

Shopify allows you to create and manage a blog including creating pages like About us, Contact us etc. A blog will allow you to expand your reach as it allows you to write about your company, products or services.

Shopify provides lots of third-party apps. You can utilize these apps to make your online store for user-friendly.

Third-party Shopify apps allow you to do many things. Few are mentioned below.

  •     Product Upsell
  •     Fraud protection
  •     Customer wishlist
  •     Email marketing integration
  •     Product reviews and recommendations

BigCommerce Features:

BigCommerce offers a lot of features and tools for your online store.

  • 40 integrated payment options
  • Secure Payment Transfer
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery
  • Multi-channel Selling
  • 600 Apps available
Check BigCommerce features here

Both BigCommerce and Shopify provides you with features and tools to sell online.

But in our verdict, BigCommerce offers a little more than Shopify at the same price.

Now Let’s check why you should use BigCommerce or Shopify.

They both are the same platforms, but their offerings are slightly different. Depending on your needs you can choose one. So let me explain the advantage of both.

Why choose Shopify over BigCommerce

  • Theme customization is better.
  • Works better for drop shipping.
  • No barrier in monthly or yearly sales.
  • Secure and free payment methods are available.
  • Access to P.O.S hardware for retail purposes.
  • Lots of apps are available to solve problems.
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Why choose BigCommerce over Shopify

  • A lot of product options
  • A large range of features
  • More control over SEO
  • No transaction fee
  • Free responsive themes available to use
  • Few Shopify’s expensive apps are at a standard price with BigCommerce
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Both BigCommerce and Shopify has something different to offer its clients. Their offerings from features to apps, plans, pricing and much more. They both are considered top companies.

It’s time to put your business online!

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  1. I am just in the process of choosing a hosted eCommerce platform and trying to decide between these two. Shopify and BigCommerce them two are incredible eCommerce facilitated arrangements. So Honestly, Thanks for this helpful information. This indeed a Very informative and educative Post.

    Thank you so much for Sharing an Informative Article!


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