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Connect Words a new word game that will relax your mind, rather than stress




Word games are the oldest games, but not all are entertaining, nor it means everyone enjoys them. Most of them make a person stressful but Connect Words is different than all. The new word game allows you to de-stressing as it contains de-stressing music. It’s available for download today on Google Play.

Connect Words

A simple word game, Connect Words provides a player three letters and asks them to create words out of them. With each passing level, the game becomes difficult with an increase in letters and words. The game comes with 10000+ levels and relaxing music. The whole idea of this app game is to get relaxed and enhance vocabulary, focus, and IQ.

Connect Words” not only aim to improve the user’s vocabulary but also to better their spelling of both common and unusual words. Although the puzzles start out very easy, it does increase in difficulty as you make your way through the various fun-filled and challenging levels. There is even a power pack and while using them they provide you a hint, without giving you the full answer.

Features of the game :

✔ 10000 + Levels

✔ FREE Updates

✔ Daily Free Spin to earn rewards.

✔ You can also buy coins.

✔ While closing, a game gets saved automatically. So you can continue at the same level.

✔ The game supports an offline version.

✔ As you will advance in levels, the difficulty will increase.

Connect Words


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