How To Fix Error Establishing A Database Connection In WordPress

You might encounter a number of errors while running your WordPress websites. It can happen due to your fault, system failure or fault from hosting provider’s side.

Sometimes you can encounter an error on your WordPress website due to more traffic, as it can break your website.

WordPress is inclined to its share of errors, none as confusing and difficult as the “Error Establishing a Database Connection.” That is because this error does not contain details of what happened. Many factors can cause this error.

Irrespective how much does it cost to start a blog on WordPress. An error is an error and you need to solve it. Regardless of how often you refresh, you cannot access the website. You can lose the opportunity to generate leads, convert them and enjoy sales for every minute until your site remains down.

Check video below to understand and learn how to fix the error establishing a database connection in WordPress.

Irfan Shafi
I am businessman, software engineer, artist, web designer and writer.


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I am businessman, software engineer, artist, web designer and writer.

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