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How to gain followers on Twitter: 20 rules to grow your profile in 2022




Twitter is a social media platform that allows users to send and receive brief tweets. Real-time allows individuals worldwide to share information and learn about current events. You can use it to chat with friends, colleagues, or family members and find out what they’re up to.

Twitter is designed to be a straightforward social media platform. Tweets are 140-character text messages that appear on the author’s Twitter profile and are delivered to the author’s subscribers. It can seem like it is hard to grow a following on such a large social media.

Here are 20 rules that will help you grow your Twitter following in 2022. 

Build your own identity.

Don’t try to copy other accounts or pretend to be something you are not. It is easily noticeable when someone is trying to deceive. 


Make an informative bio section.

This is the part of your Twitter profile that will let anyone know what they will be able to see if they follow you. Make sure you fill in the section of your profile that shows about you correctly. It needs to be short yet have all the important information. 

Know your audience.

Tweeting random things will probably be only interesting to your family and friends. If you want to grow your following on Twitter, you need to choose a niche and deliver for those people. 


Create a unique bio profile picture and banner.

Make sure that they are showcasing what you are offering to your followers. Those are the visual parts of your Twitter profile that will first catch the eye of any potential follower. 

Curate your feed.

You don’t want to confuse anyone who comes to your Twitter profile. It is best to have a good ratio of retweets and your original tweets. 

Pick your 3 main content pillars.

That will be the content you will be sharing on your profile. Focus on the things you usually like or have business around.

Promote your profile on Instagram and other social networks, such as Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

Explain to your audience what exactly they will get if they become your followers. 

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Spark engagement with questions that your audience will want to answer.

Think about what they would be interested in and would love to share their opinion about. 

Use photos, videos, and gifs.

The Twitter algorithm will most likely push these media types to the people who usually engage with that kind of tweet. 

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Don’t be spammy.

Posting too many Tweets can have a contra effect and make you lose followers. Focus on only a few powerful tweets a day. Remember that quality is more important than quantity.

Check the Twitter profile of every person that interacts with your tweets.

This will show that you are here to connect with them. 

Interact with other people from your niche.

That way, other like-minded people will be able to find you and eventually want to know what you are offering.

No strategy will help you if you are not active on Twitter yourself.

Like tweets of other users and leave interesting comments below them. Regularly find new users to follow and encourage interaction with them.

Respond to your followers and engage with them.

Twitter is a social media which means that you need to be social. Don’t just schedule a bunch of tweets and leave. You need to communicate with others. That way, they will be more likely to follow you. 


Have a consistent posting schedule.

Posting one tweet every few months will not make you gain followers. You need to be consistent and publish tweets every day. 

Make a Pin tweet that gives more information about you, your business, and what they can learn from you. 

Engage with accounts that are bigger than yours.

Keep in mind that you don’t want to spam them. You should take time and try and build a connection and learn from them. 

Make sure that you are publishing Tweets at the right time of the day.

If you are just starting, publish one tweet in the morning, midday, and evening. After a month, go to your analytics and see when your followers more interactive were. 

Be in tune with what is trending in your niche.

This way, you can provide tweets that are currently interesting to many people. 


Follow people in your niche.

When you follow someone in your niche, it is most likely that you will show up to more people who follow that specific person. 

Check your tweets that have a lot of impressions and try to recreate similar ones in the future.

Those are the tweets that your audience loved. 


Twitter is a very powerful and popular social media around the world. It can help you have a great online presence. It is completely different than most other social media. Follow these rules, and you will easily gain the right following.


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