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How Plesk changed our Hosting game




If you are a web expert, you probably know by now how important a control panel is for any user, no matter of his skill levels. Any one who is just starting out, always loves ease of access that helps in setting up and managing website. No one likes to write unnecessary useless lines of codes.

Today, we have with us founders of Gadget maniac who shifted to Plesk sever panel and just levelled up their website game. We all are very familiar with the fact that Plesk server panel is undoubtedly one of the most popular panels currently available in the morning. Let’s hear out what the founders have to say:

What can you tell us about Gadget Maniac?

Gadget Maniac was initially established back in 2018 with an aim to provide the best gadget reviews in the industry for users. Our team members have a lot of experience relating to all sorts of gadgets and web technologies available. But we had something lacking. We were not protected by Plesk: the best environment. We did not have Anti-DDOS protection and Malware scanner. So, hackers were able to penetrate into our site. Now with the Help of Plesk, we have everything covered from CloudLinux Security or Anti-DDOS protection, Malware Scanner, SSL and SiteLock as well. Not only this using their Panel we can do proactive monitoring as well. Which really helps us a lot.

Thus, the performance you get when you mix the best quality hardware and software is just top notch. So, now we have been able to comeback again and we are hoping to deliver the best possible content to our audience this time. We provide all sorts of Gadget Reviews and we also deliver quality how to articles which help our users to solve their problems when it comes to any thing gadget- rightly after our name we are Gadget maniacs.

Apart from this, we also manage and Build websites for our clients. We also provide them with all the technical support they need.


What benefits did you get after switching to Plesk?

  • Business Benefits

We have some clients for which we manage website. Using Plesk Dashboard, we get a lot of flexibility and ease of access. This helps in providing top level safety features. This helps us to provide the best features at the most reasonable prices. Gadget Maniac thus recommends Plesk for developers and hosting providers.

Using customization abilities, we can cater the best for our clients. So, clients also get every thing according to their needs. Thus, our customers have shown a very positive support for our Plesk use. One of our customers recently said, “It helps me get complete control of all website features”.

  • Variety of Admin Tools

Being an administrator, you would love features. Using plesk you can get access to extensions like Patchman, Cloudflare CDN, Magento CMS and SSL by Let’s Encrypt. This allows admins to run websites in any manner they desire without getting the same old limited options which are now almost useless.

  • Security and Stability

After attacks, we had only one thing in our mind, security. This is primarily the main reasons why we use Plesk. It helps in managing both Two-Factor-Authentication along side account level security. Which makes sure that you can have a good night’s sleep without worries.

  • Easy Migration and Support

Without proper support you can’t enjoy any support. With technical support in many languages such as Russian, French, German or Japanese, you get the best assistance when it comes to migration and tech support. Plesk is many times better than its competitors when it comes to support.

  • WordPress Compatibility

More than 70% of the web is powered by WordPress. Using Plesk you get access to a WordPress toolkit which can be used to manage your WordPress based websites with no hassle and almost automatically. Thus, you get access to the most popular and powerful tool which is supported by the WP community as well.

How do you ensure customer satisfaction?

We have a dedicated support team which looks after all the customer grievances and support solution queries in the most-timely fashion possible (depending on their package, of course). We have a lot of customers using CMS such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Magento, etc. We have thus divided our support team according to specific CMS. This helps in expertise as well as providing users with the best possible experience.

What are your future plans for Gadget Maniac?

We are working day in and out to increase our presence in more and more countries. Currently we have our prime customer base in India and neighbouring countries. We help the small business get exposure through online platforms but we will be going to cover more Asian Countries for our expansion as well as increasing our services line up.


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