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How to Promote Your Blog For Free




I believe every business should start a blog. I’ve learned that blogging is the most efficient way to drive traffic because good blog content can drive search engine traffic, social shares and other sites traffic as well.

Besides, blogging helps you to build your brand, increase expertise, answer questions and builds trust in the customer’s mind. Blogging not only enables you to drive more traffic but also improves conversion.

Of course, blogging is not as simple as writing a post and waiting until sales begin to roll in. You must know how your blog can be promoted. Thankfully, it’s a lot easier to develop your blog than to promote a product. As your blog supports your brand indirectly, it will continue to result in sales.

Useful and unique content gets traffic for your blog. Content is available all over the place. Just publishing a blog post isn’t enough. It must be provided with a solution. There are two ways to make your blog stand out of the crowd

  • Write something entirely new.
  • Cover an existing topic in a new way

Once you have finished writing a post, it’s a time to promote it. There are many ways to promote your blog for free.

  1. Share on Social Media

The first step is to share your post on social media, whether on your personal or company accounts. Every time you write a new blog post. Just share it.

It is essential to start a social media page of your company, blog or organisation.

I know most of the bloggers or small/medium companies don’t have a huge following on their social media pages. So let me tell you to share a few tricks that I use for my blog to increase traffic. e.g., Suppose you have a travel blog and you have 500 friends on Facebook with no page.

Obviously, it will take time for you to get followers on a page. In this case, join all the Facebook groups related to travel and start sharing your experience with them. Share videos, images, blog posts.

Another important social media channel is Twitter. Start following all the peoples related to travel. Many will follow you back and start sharing your travel experience.

Here are Top 10 Social Media Sites To Promote Your Blog or Product

  1. Answer Questions on Quora

Quora is a website where questions can be asked and answered. There are a lot of threads on it, and you can use links in your answers. Find a question related to your blog post. Answer questions and link back to your blog post for more in-depth advice.

It’s also one of the main traffic sources for my blog. In Quora, in a search bar, just writes a term related to your blog. You will get tons of questions, and you can answer them one by one.

  1. Post on Reddit

On Reddit, there is a huge community that enjoys spending time on the Internet. Find and begin participating in subreddits related to your company or blog post. Share it in a subreddit when you have a new blog post to promote. The key to success, in this case, is to ensure that you start an exciting or helpful debate, not just a link.

Kindly note don’t spam subreddit with only your blog links. Usually, subreddit allows you to post about your blog, but a ratio should be 10:90 which means you need to post at least 9 posts from a different reputed website: E.G Forbes, Guardian etc.

  1. Build an Email List

Email marketing is the most important one as most of the conversions happen there. I hope that you will be creating an e-mail list on your website already. But don’t only email them to buy anything, again and again, they will eventually unsubscribe.

Instead, send helpful or exciting blog posts to maintain value between sales pitch. This not only brings potential clients back to your website, but these individuals can share your blog post content on their social media and expand its (blog post’s) reach.

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  1. Guest Post on Other Blogs

Guest posting is an excellent way to start building your brand reputation and getting traffic. You need to follow a few steps.

  • Join a blog which accepts guest posts.
  • Write a blog post relevant both to their audience and to your company.
  • Make sure a link of your website is included.
  • There are many blogs which don’t allow links in content, but they allow your website link and profile in the bottom of a blog post.
  1. Run a Contest

Contest running is an outstanding way to promote your blog. To host the contest right on your website, you could use a tool like Gleam. You can collect entries in many ways, including blog posts, social shares and registration on the email list. You can drive traffic as well as you can build your community too.

The important thing is to make sure your award is exciting to grab the attention of your target audience. E.g., Don’t give away cash reward. Offer something related to your product or service like I offer e-books.

Winding up

Some other forms of promotion are participating in forums, commenting on Other Blogs, submitting to content curators like Digg and syndicating Your Blog.


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