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How to start a travel blog ?




A travel blogger is somebody who travels around the world and collects photos, information, and video of that place for writing. He shares his travel experience and deriving income from a range of on and off-line sources like selling travel related products, service or uses Adsense.

Purpose of travel blogger:

Many passionate bloggers do an incredible job of creating their travel blog and even passes information about the environment.

Though it’s not only about the environment but to explore civilization and World inheritance Sites though travelling. For us, it’s about unplugging from life’s confusion to reconnecting with the world.

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Now let me show you different ways to make money through travel blogging.

  • Income from blogging 

My leading source of income for the first year of my blog was independent writing roles. Including that I started to create videos as well as pictures.

Below are a few more practices you should do to earn money though they will not help much in making money but they will surely help you to establish your blog.

  • Start writing for famous travel blogs

Writing for other famous and reputed blogs will help you to gain attention, reputation. You will get a chance to establish a brand for yourself and for your blog. Though to write for a reputed travel blog you need to create high-quality content.

  • Join Affiliate marketing

It’s by no means too early to join affiliate marketing. The reason, why I advise receiving into this is because it can make you a lot of money. As a person who needs service or product related to your blog. You can refer him that product.

  • Put ads

There are two ways you can get ads. First is through Adsense. It’s the most trust ads network. Another one when you travel blog will become famous an advertising network can contact you to put their ads on your blog.

  • Sell your photos

Taking pictures is a significant branch of travel blogging. You just need to buy a camera and if you know little bit editing then this will be added advantage. These days, taking photographs is a priority. You can sell them through various websites.

  • Sell videos

If you make beautiful videos with reliable information then structure up viewers on YouTube and putting ads on them is a broad way to expand an earnings stream.

This is also a long-time approach and I give more significance you should do it. If you construct up robust and reliable viewers, then you’ll contain yet one more passive income flow.

  • Join Freelancing

If you are competent in delivering everything that you assure. Then you can join the freelance network. e,g: On Fiverr, you need to create your gig and many customers might ask you they want videos, photos or blog post.

As for how to get these opportunities, there’s no underground formula other than to, “be so high-quality that others can’t come close to your quality work.”

  • Make subscribers first before selling products

It’s important to have the smallest amount viable in viewers before jumping in and selling physical products related to travel or else there is the chance that you will spent the money on products but will not have anyone to buy it.

Your time is important. Spent it in structuring an audience first and advertising products to them soon after.

How to start a travel blog ?

1. Find the Travel related domain name

2. Purchase web hosting for your blog

3. Install WordPress

4. Buy travel theme

5. Start building your viewers and make money

FTC Disclosure: If you will buy a web hosting referred by my link below. I will get a little commission. Though Every web hosting provides us with a commission and many more than that but I refer the best. So if you want me to keep up this good work. You can buy it.

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Let me describe these points one by one

1. Find the Travel related domain name

Finding the perfect domain name is perhaps the most challenging portion of starting a travel blog. It took hours of brainstorming to create a blog name. You need to keep in mind that blog or domain name is your identity and this identity will remain with you. You can change themes, plugins, hosting but it’s difficult to change brand or blog name.

Check Below weather your domain name is available or not

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2. Purchase web hosting for your blog

Purchasing hosting is one of the difficult things to buy because every hosting plans are almost the same with little difference. I would suggest you purchase a web hosting from a trusted company.

When I was new to blogging I purchased a cheap web hosting package from web hosting provider but guess what? I changed it after 15 days because of its uptime. My site didn’t open most of the time as their server remains off. Which affected my site and I lost 80% of my customer.

Always buy from a reliable and reputed web hosting provider. I would suggest you try SiteGround. WordPress themselves recommend them on their website.

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3. Install WordPress

Now that you’ve signed up for hosting, it’s time to install a WordPress. It’s easy in case of SiteGround as they provide 1 click WordPress install. You just need to click on WordPress and it will be installed.

The SiteGround will then inquire you to choose a theme that appeals most to you. Don’t place too much thought into this. It’s not enduring; it’s just a placeholder for now.

After you’ve selected a theme, click on install and now we can start building it.

Click here to learn how to install WordPress on SiteGround

4. Buy travel theme

Themes will more often than not include setting up instructions, so this shouldn’t be hard at all. In Themeforest, for example, you’ll be able to download the installable statement file.

Once you’ve finished that, you can register into your theme panel, click on an Appearance, then Themes and Upload zipped file and you will see a new fresh travel theme.

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5. Start building your viewers and make money

A lot of travel bloggers advice waiting until you’ve made a significant and huge audience before you even creates to think about monetizing your site, but I don’t think it’s essential.

There are plenty of ways to begin earning money that won’t stop your growth or irritate anyone who visits your site.

After all content, videos and photos on travel bloggers site are what makes there audience returning.


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