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GreenGeeks is a hosting company that cares. They rely on green energy to power their servers. Learn more about this fantastic company.

The reputation of GreenGeeks is excellent. GreenGeeks is having nine years of hosting experience, and they are hosting more than three million websites worldwide and has excellent customer review. They offer unlimited hosting of WordPress starting from only $3.95 a month. s. GreenGeeks offers hosting solutions through a network of 100 percent green servers as well as those advantages.

The quality of the support and the affordable price make their customer love it. Green Geeks is one of the best available when it comes to budget hosts.

What Makes GreenGeeks Unique?

GreenGeeks is an enterprise that runs on a green. Their all servers are running on renewable energy. There are also various environmental obligations for the Company.

Other than the green hosting angle, Green Geeks is considered value for money hosting company. However, with other hosting companies offering cheaper, faster or more diverse hosting options, you have to decide how much green living you deserve.

Some positive features of GreenGeeks 

  1. Environmental friendly

Let’s focus for a moment on Green Web Hosting, given the company’s name. The two critical differences between the use of carbon offset credits and renewable energy certificates are not all of the green host companies.

Read our article on How Green Web Hosting Works to understand each one’s implications fully.

GreenGeeks claims to offer ‘300% green renewable energy web hosting.’ This means that renewable energy certificates are purchased three times higher than those used by their services.

Certified Green Company

GreenGeek is recognized EPA Green Power Partner, which works for the purchase of wind energy credits together with environmental foundations.

Besides, one of their data centers is located in Toronto. Several data centers have moved to the area in recent years to exploit a’ free cooling’ phenomenon.

Free cooling in Toronto leverages chills to contribute up to a 50 percent reduction in data center operating costs (and carbon footprint). These installations have additional refresher systems, which are specially designed to supplement traditional cooling systems required by the equipment by freezing outdoor air.  

  1. Excellent server speed

GreenGeeks provided a great result and lighted up well, all around a green. I have decided to also take a test from London, with our European test server, to check the impact on hosting performance.

No surprise, because our server is in the Netherlands, GreenGeeks performance tests showed the very best speeds from EU tests. It also succeeded in demonstrating excellent speeds from Asia to North America all over the country.

However, Singapore’s Time-to-First-Byte (TTFB) is a little higher. This is expected because GreenGeeks does not have a data center here, but the time is still reasonably good.

  1. Multiple Server Locations

GreenGeeks offers data centers in:

  •     Chicago, US
  •     Phoenix, US
  •     Toronto, CA
  •     Montreal, CA
  •     Amsterdam, NL

The right server location can impact your website’s SEO enormously, positively. Furthermore, you will have faster speeds if you pick a server closer to you.

  1. Secured hosting environment

To ensure the security of accounts, GreekGeeks uses a two-way approach, using account isolation and Secure vFS to protect users against resource hogs in their server environments. They keep their accounts siloed.

For example, if there is a massive spike in another account located on the same server. Your account is not affected.

Its malware scanning secures every account in real time. This means your account is also safe from anything that can affect another account on the same server, such as malware.

  1. Easy for newbies / non-technical people

You’ll get an almost unlimited amount of everything, including free domain registration and Website migration services, for a $ 3.95 monthly subscription fee (renews at $ 9.95 following the initial registration period).

For instance, it does provide not only unlimited web space but also fast SSD storage. They also offer daily backup and transfer of the website, which is not usually seen at this price point. You’ll not find a comparable offer including the benefits provided by GreenGeeks.

WordPress hosting is slightly different, but many of you will be glad to note that WordPress website migration service is available free of charge. Many web hosts charge a substantial amount for this.

  1. Moneyback Guarantee

If you don’t like services offered by GreenGeek, in this case, they offer you a full 30 days money back guarantee for their most web hosting plan.

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