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Top reasons for blogging




Blogs have now become an essential part and mandatory for most of the world’s generation.

Until this, life has never been so tech-savvy.

If you need advice, you have to share your personal experience, know your opinions on any topic, all you have to do is to put yourself in a few keys and write a blog.

Conventional writing took a back seat with the birth of blogs.

Ink is substituted for the keyboard, and readers are targeted worldwide.

Blogging takes you from all over the world. It gives a place to say it and to be heard.

‘blog’ generally meant a personal online post, often dealing with boyfriend issues or technology news.

The blog now refers to a web journal that writes on the news — often through criticism of the media, and typically in bright tones — with links to stories that support the comments with evidence.

1. Sharing experience

Many people begin a blog to share their knowledge, especially the curious ones because they understand that their experience is precious and that they should record and share it.

And it makes sense because it is well known that one also learns more through teaching. You need to learn further and improve the best version of your information after blogging.

2. Reading Hobby / Interest

This is the most popular explanation of why people begin to blog.

Many people love to compose and compose about themselves. It’s all about blogging. This is why blogging began and why blogging exists. Most people just want to maintain an online writing space.

The best blogging sites, how to get more traffic, and how to raise feedback do not matter to these people. You just love to post, and if you comment, yeah, it’s fun too.

That said, every blogger’s main reason for blogging should be blogging out of passion.

3. Connecting

It’s a perfect way to meet new people worldwide or locally. Blogging helps to share thoughts and connections across geographical boundaries.

Facebook is one of the easiest ways to interact with like-minded people and share your views on other topics. The comment section of a blog is a gold mine, where you can hear other thoughts about the subject you post.

What could be the best way of connecting a stranger to talk about a shared interest?

4. Lifestyle Online Nomad

Digital nomadic lifestyles are not a new concept, and many people like to travel and work the world. Blogging is something that gives you this opportunity because you can operate at your speed from anywhere.

5. Renown and popularity

When people see someone who is successful, they try to follow that path.

I used to see Muhammad Ali when I was a kid, and I wanted to be a boxer. I decided to be a movie star when I saw film stars on posters and magazines and TVs.

It’s not about me. It’s a human phenomenon.

This also applies to the blogging market. When people see successful bloggers such as Darren Rowse, Tim Ferriss, or others who are famous and have money, they try to be like them.

Yet what they overlook is that all these famous and productive bloggers blog because it’s their passion. It is not the wrong approach.

Once enthusiasm is the root of blogging.

Not only is quick fame and fortune an incorrect excuse to start a blog, but it also is not possible. 

Lots of challenges follow each achievement, so if you want to become a renowned blogger, you know it will take you a while.

You have to crawl; you can’t run.

6. To make money

Some people watch professional bloggers and think, “Wow, all I have to do is write a couple of things, press some buttons, and I can make a lot of money! “But it’s very, very, very, very untrue.

Some people begin to blog for money. And I have to mention it again because you’re going to make money blogging:

If there’s no ambition, you’ll find it very hard to make profits.

Blogging can be a gold mine for people who want to tap into the rich field of online marketing, but if you wish to earn money, at a “regular” job you can make more money.

You should have a well-planned roadmap for your writing, and be able to find a rentable market if you want to make money blogging.

7. Branding and advertising

As a large part of the population is internet-friendly, many businesses see blogging and advertisement for their products as a lucrative exercise.

They can also obtain reviews of their products through blogs and therefore test the waters.

This is a perfect outlet for product branding.

You will speak about your products and their features, how they work, etc.

Inform the readers of the new products to be released in the future and satisfy their questions.

8. Connecting with the like

Blogging tends to get people together.

When you’re blogging on a specific topic.

Often they allow you to follow your feelings. A lot of idea sharing takes place through blogs, which could not otherwise have been possible.

9. To raise money or make your voice heard.

This is one of the reasons for blogging. Often it just takes a simple step to get something big going. Most blogs are problem-based, which means that the author is trying to educate people in a certain way.

Many political blogs and blogs about social issues are written by bloggers who want to control themselves. These blogs bring together people and connect them.

For example, if you see any injustice and speak up on your blog, so many people will respond, and hopefully, there will be a mass movement.

10. Promote yourself and build your brand

It is a perfect way to promote yourself in the area of your expertise or your interest. You will share your knowledge by writing blogs, while you show your skills to your future employers, who can read your blogs.

This also helps to legitimize your expertise and expand your website and platform. This also adds to your reputation.

11. Find new jobs

It is one of the newest arguments for creating a blog.

Let’s assume that you’re a programmer who knows how to create websites. You can create a blog and write about programming topics. It will help push prospective employers to your platform who might be interested in recruiting you for a project.

Perhaps you might be a model. You should start a blog with all your images on your website to try to attract search engine users.

Besides, this is a very efficient way to find jobs.

12. Helping others

Many blogs are written to assist people in other processes or situations.

Add chaos, illness, parenthood, depression, etc. It is difficult to discuss these topics with someone personally.

Such blogs work for certain people therapeutically.

It makes them feel like they are the only ones in such a process when so many others have the same condition.

13. To meet your creative side.

For some situations, your mind is consumed by creative ideas that you are not sure about, that you talk freely, fear them or you don’t know how to start anything like that, blogs are the perfect way to unleash your creative thoughts.

It gives you readers not only that can admire your work but also your confidence.

You do have the right to compose semi-professional.

14. Build a record

Through the writing of open journals online, a record may be created for the future for personal use such as children and families, to relate to it in the future.

15. To gain details

I started this article with “To share knowledge” and add this as many forward-thinking people are blogging to acquire new knowledge.

Nearly half a million blogs are on the web, covering almost every topic. Knowledge of the issue of interest can be gathered and shared. The daily updating of blogs with the latest details is a great way to stay up to date on events in a specific field or subject.

There are some things to be considered when you write a blog. A blog should be periodically updated. Otherwise, the new material is a static website for readers.

This, in turn, will give bloggers less credibility and even less blog traffic. Before you begin with the new blog, it is essential to identify a target for it and what you want to achieve.


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