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Creating a Website For Your Start Up




A site is a must for small companies and anyone who sells products or services. If you sell online services or products, it is obvious that you have a website. However, even if you do not sell anything directly online, the website can be used as an extension of your business card with information about you, your company and services.

  • Get your domain Name
  • Select a Web Host
  • Design your website
  • Test your site
  • Start Earning
  • Getting Your Website Noticed
  1. Get Your Domain Name

A domain name is how your website is known online, regardless of which kind of website you have. It’s your unique website address and it’s yours as long as you continue to pay the annual fee ($ 10 –$ 15 for a domain). Users who know your domain technically as a URL (uniform resource locator) can simply type it in the address bar of their browser and they will be taken there. Others can find your blog through search engines like Google and Bing

I would suggest using a blog name generator like Domainglo to create a domain but if you are looking for a professional service then I will suggest using a service from a specialist on Fiverr which will create a brand name including domain name as a specialist uses almost 25 factors while creating a brand and domain name.

  1. Select a Web Host

How much is your budget? What is your need? These are the issues you need to consider before you choose a web host. I’d recommend a managed hosting environment. I suggest that you do not choose a web host based solely on reviews, but instead register for the one which has a money back guarantee so that you can check it for risk-free.

It’s all about demands. But reliability and uptime are important factors to consider in case web hosting with respect to its costs. And I recommend that you look at Bluehost as its the best option when it comes to hosting. For Managed WordPress Hosting I will strongly recommend Bluehost hosting. They’re more convenient than GoDaddy, HostGator, iPage and Fatcow. Bluehost is one of the most trusted hosting providers in the world! They are also one of the best suppliers of hosting. They are fast, trustworthy.  ( Click here to get Bluehost discount )

Features of their service are:

  • Free domain: Subscribe to their hosting plans and get a domain name free of charge.
  • 30 Days money back guarantee: They give a full refund without asking any questions.[If you are not satisfied with their service, you can leave them without losing one penny. How cool that is!
  • 9% Site uptime: It was down only for once in last one & half year
  • Super fast support (24X7): They’re there always for you. You can expect your problems to be solved within 24 hours.
  • Pre-installed/One click installation of WordPress.
  • FREE SSL along with VPS hosting plan
  • Cloudflare: CDN is preconfigured.
  • You can boost the performance by making use of CloudFlare’s Content Delivery Network [CDN].
  1. Design your website

First of all choose your website platform. You don’t have to learn HTML, CSS, PHP (if you don’t want to be a professional developer) to create a good and functional website.

Before you begin to think about color schemes, domain names and web hosting, you have to decide with which platform you will build your website.

I do not recommend learning coding from scratch as it could take months, if not years to master completely. Even then, chances are you will still not be satisfied with your website’s end result.

The addition of content via HTML and PHP pages would be a waste of time and a very complicated process. In 2019, most individuals and organizations use content management systems (CMS) to create and manage their websites.

Instead of using a bunch of loose CSS, HTML and PHP pages. You can use CMS. The most popular and well known CMS platforms are free of charge. To put it simply, a content management system( or website building platform) is a user- friendly platform for building websites and managing your website content.

For many different types of websites, CMS is a good choice, as organizations and individuals can:

  • copy / paste content into a page and then update when changes are needed. That is, i.e. Like Microsoft Word copying)
  • You don’t need to hire anyone to fill a web maintenance role. No one likes spending money)
  • No need to buy costly software to build pages. CMS is very easy and user – friendly.

In 2019 you can use WordPress to design and build your website as it is the most popular CMS or Website building platform used by more than 50% of websites. So I recommend using WordPress.

With one click install on Bluehost hosting. You will be ready with a running website.

WordPress offers different types of free themes. You can use them. But note, use always responsive theme.

A responsive WordPress theme adjusts its layout smoothly based on the size and resolution of the screen. Responsive themes improve readability and usability on smaller screens like smartphones. It also makes it impossible to create a device- specific mobile version.

Most importantly WordPress is free, flexible and used by small as well as big websites. Some of the websites using WordPress are eBay, Mozilla, Reuters, CNN, Google Ventures and even NASA.

  1. Test your site

Most website owners ignore the testing process and carry out their official website launch. Is it now the right time to live? When the owner wants to launch the website, they often ignore the website testing process. You should always test and test again to ensure that the website works well. It’s the right time for the official start.

Website functionality and accessibility of the website are the two main aspects everyone must double check. Here, we will share seven important things to check before your website goes live.

  • Check Websites on Multiple browsers
  • The title tags
  • Spell Check
  • Mobile Friendly Websites
  • Link Errors and Image Optimisation
  • Page Loading Speed
  • Contact Forms
  1. Start Earning

With the Internet taking over a large part of our lives, more people are on internet and this means more oppurtunities to earn online. As your website is live now you can start earning.

However, you must be careful of the platform you choose. While there are many ways you can earn money online, some of these might be scams, so you must be careful. Also, don’t expect to earn a great deal quickly if you use online ways to earn money.

You can monetize your website in several ways, such as Amazon Associates, Adsense, Pop Ads, CPA, etc.

  1. Getting Your Website Noticed

Most people are aware of how they can have their audiences visit their website regularly. Your site may contain all the right kinds of information. This is never a guarantee, to reach anyone. Your website can remain unseen. Many things you can do to ensure that your website is noticed. These are valuable tips to help you see your website on the Internet.

  • Get into social networks
  • Conduct a competition
  • Ensure High Quality Content
  • Concentrate on SEO


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