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Content marketing (including blog posts, e-mails, videos, and podcasts) is a kind of marketing that strategically creates, publishes, and promotes content. Content marketing is usually used to raise awareness and interaction with brands, draw attention, generate consumer leads, or encourage purchases and sales.

Why is content marketing important?

Simply put: content marketing has a fantastic ROI if done correctly.

In comparison to other types of digital marketing (such as PPC or PR), content marketing will valuable to your company for the long term.

Content will drive traffic through search engines like Google or Bing. It will produce your company brand recognition, including leads for years, unlike a Facebook ad or press release.

Now, I’ll lead you through the content marketing basics.

1. Define Your Audience

Your target audience is the first move of any content marketing campaign. You need to identify what your customers want.

I’ve personally seen many people struggle with content marketing because they don’t identify their target. Instead, they go right to find keywords and write blog posts.

For example, I described my target audience, “Bloggers that want to write blog with WordPress.”

2. Creating content for your audience

Now that you know who your audience is, it’s time to create content for them individually.

In my experience, the best way to do this is to find out your audience’s problems. And create content to solve these problems.

For example, If your audience is looking for a cheap cloud hosting. Then write and compare all top cloud hosting companies. In this way, you will provide your audience with a full solution.

3. Make Your Content Work on Different Channels

It’s cool about content marketing that people Should utilize it. People are already reading blogs, listening to podcasts, and looking at videos. So it’s only a question of getting YOUR content in front of them. The faster you make your content available to users, the more likely it is to be utilized.

(And share it through Social Media Marketing).

Here are a few ways to do this:

  • Concentrate on active content

There’s a site for high-level “opinion leader” content.

However, people generally want to utilize ACTIONABLE content that can be put into practice immediately.

For example, we created a blog about Free URL link shorteners. People will use it immediately.

  • Make it mobile-friendly.

According to experts, 69 % of people read content on their phones and tablets. So it’s essential that your content not only works on all devices but should be responsive also.

For example, when you visit this Website or our site on the phone, the content is accessible to the ready, and the theme is also responsive.

  • Concentrate on key metrics

How do you know if all this valuable content is working?

It’s simple: concentrate on these four key metrics.

  • How much traffic is coming to your Website
  • How much time the audience is reading your web page. 
  • How much is the bounce rate?

You can check all those metrics on Google analytics.


Not only did this guide address the question, “What is content marketing? “But helped you also to get started.

The marketing of content takes time. But you can find more traffic, leads, and customers when it does. That’s why it’s so prevalent in marketing.

All of this said: I recommend focusing first of all on the basics. Concentrate on creating world-class content.

After mastering basics, begin experimenting with the optimization of search engines, scaling, and new content formats (such as live video).


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