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Best Cheap Cloud Hosting Services of 2020




The latest form of hosting, which has become extremely popular in recent years, is cloud hosting. Cloud hosting is the main idea of “Divide and Rule,” which means that resources for maintaining your website are distributed over several web servers.

In case of a server malfunction, this dramatically reduces the chances of downtime.

Another important aspect is that cloud hosting makes it easy to manage maximum loads without facing bandwidth issues because a different server can supply additional resources for that. In Cloud hosting your website does not rely on one server; instead, it works on a cluster of servers.

Cloud hosting vs. Shared Hosting

How each host is organized lies in the difference between shared and cloud hosting. When multi websites are hosted on a single server, this means your website is hosted on a shared server. This means the same server and resources are being used by other websites as well. Some companies put hundreds of web sites on each server that can disturb the speed and performance of your website. It may also have some security limitations.

If a hacker gets access to one website, it leaves other sites on the server vulnerable as well.

Cloud hosting is multiple server services. Your website is hosted in the Cloud instead of on a shared server. This means that your website hosting between servers can bounce off to adapt performance, spikes and other stress. Cloud hosting is more dynamic than shared hosting, which means that it can perform better and be safer.

Cloud Hosting vs. Dedicated Servers & VPS

If you compare dedicated servers with cloud hosting, the reliability factor of the latter case is quite robust since, in contrast to a single dedicated server, you have many servers to handle crises.

The pricing depends on your current usage–for heavy use; the cloud architecture can cost much higher than dedicated, but its reliability can be much better.

The price factor is extremely low when we come to VPS and traditional shared hosting, but so too is the reliability. For VPS, a single server is divided into several sections, and each section is managed by one particular user so that the investment in resources is comparatively small.

The VPS is the ideal choice for those who do not look for cloud hosting reliability.

Cheap cloud hosting providers

There is a lot of difference between cheap and valued service. Mostly in the sharing hosting world, the cheapest services often mean poor infrastructure, no support, terrible user experiences and in some cases fraudulent scams.

But it is possible to find high-quality services among the most affordable plans with an upgraded hosting platform like cloud hosting. Site owners can purchase Cloud hosting in less than $10 without facing difficulties regarding the configuration and management of cloud servers.

The reputation of the hosting industry is the critical factor when it comes to the cheap web hosting of any kind. Make sure you do your research if you take an affordable cloud hosting plan outside this list. The three companies listed here are most trusted in the web hosting industry.

 1. HostGator

HostGator is one of the cheapest cloud hosting provider. Check plans below

HostGator Cloud Hosting Plans

If one server fails or goes down, your site will be automatically moved to another server, and your website will therefore never go down unless all the servers go down at the same time, which is quite impossible.

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2. DreamHost

Dreamhost has the world’s best Cloud hosting capabilities and there pricing is also low. It makes hosting cloud accessible to everybody as their cloud hosting plans begin at only $ 4.50, and even the most expensive costs around $100.

Kindly Note: Rates are not fixed but on an hourly basis.

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3. InMotion

InMotion is better known for its shared Hosting and VPS, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have anything to offer for Cloud Hosting lovers. Their main point of sale are unmet CPU core–these can be understood as the brains of a server to help efficiently process information. InMotion is the only provider that doesn’t limit how many CPUs you can have in a list.

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4. MilesWeb

MilesWeb cloud supports the majority of platforms for cloud server. They Assist in migrating website, application or store. Actively manage your hosting account for up time, security and network.They also Update OS and server to keep it secure Complete server management for a complicated hosting environment.

They have excellent technical team to solve your queries 24/7 monitoring and unlimited support. They are one of the best web hosting company offering services in India and around the globe.

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