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Best Extensions and Plugins For WooCommerce




Are you looking for the best free WordPress WooCommerce plugins? Like WordPress, WooCommerce comes with thousands of extensions and plugins. These plugins add new functions to your eCommerce store and help your company grow.

We’ve selected the best free WooCommerce plugins for WordPress in this article, which you can try immediately.

If you have not yet started your online store, we have a step-by-step guide to starting a WooCommerce online store. You can choose the best hosting for WooCommerce, install WooCommerce, choose a theme, and everything you need.

Let’s begin with the extensions – the official additions that the WooCommerce team has approved. You can go to this page to see what’s available.

This catalog is impressive and comprehensive. I don’t want you to feel upset about it. You definitely don’t need all the extensions. Treat the list as a buffet–pick something that looks cool.

Our pick:

Our personal favorites are WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping and WooCommerce Order Export. They both come in free and PRO versions.

The WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping is a simple plugin that adds table rate shipping, often known as tiered shipping or conditional shipping, to your WooCommerce store. Rate shipping can be set up based on the weight of the shipment and the total shipping cost (with min and max). Standard WooCommerce shipping options may be used to create additional delivery prices.

On the other hand, the PRO version of the plugin allows you to define complicated shipping rules for your items all over the world. You may establish numerous rates based on the product’s destination, have multiple rates per zone, and add rules based on the weight of the goods, the number of items, the shipping class, and the price. This plugin aids you in developing a sophisticated and adaptable shipping system for your business.

Video demonstration of some features of the WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping plugin:

WooCommerce Order Export is a simple plugin that exports data from your WooCommerce store to Excel (XLS, XLSX) or CSV. This program, which has been tested on both Windows and Mac, is ideal for swiftly exporting WooCommerce goods, orders, and other data. The WooCommerce export tool has been designed to be simple to use.
It will allow you to easily export the information you want. This plugin also comes in PRO version which includes features such as extracting all the data you desire, automating exports delivered to your mailbox or FTP – ideal for dropshippers – the ability to reorder the columns as needed or desired, the ability to set up multiple automatic exports, such as sending one monthly to your accountant and one daily to your packing staff, and more.

This video represents WooCommerce Order Export:

Some of the more valuable references:

Payment gateways: These extensions enable you to accept more payment methods in addition to the Paypal standard. Generally speaking, the better the payment methods you can afford (these gateways are often paid).

Shipping extensions: These will be handy if you want to integrate your store automatically with the official shipping rates of companies such as UPS or FedEx.

Accounting extensions: Integrate your WooCommerce Store with your choice of accounting tool.

WooCommerce Bookings:  Allow customers to book service appointments without leaving their website

WooCommerce Subscriptions:  Subscribe to your products or services and pay an annual, monthly, or weekly fee.

EU VAT Number:  For those operating within the EU.

TaxJar: Put your sales tax on autopilot.

Alternatively, you can browse the free category if you don’t want to spend some money on new extensions. There’s more than enough to keep you busy.

Plugins that supercharge your e-commerce store

You can also use other WordPress plugins to supercharge your store by setting the extensions aside. Below is a list of WordPress Plugins :

Yoast SEO: Improve your entire website’s SEO.

Yoast WooCommerce SEO plugin: Improve your product information and SEO of your e- commerce store.

WooCommerce Multilingual: Run a WooCommerce site that is fully multilingual.

Contact Form 7: Contact your site visitors directly.

UpdraftPlus: Back up all content of your site, including your products and other storage information.

Subscriptions for Woocommerce: Enable a recurring revenue system for your products in the WooCommerce store.

Social Share Buttons by GetSocial: Let your purchasers share your products through social media with friends and family.

MonsterInsights: Integrate your site with Google Analytics.

iThemes Security: Your website’s security presets.

W3 Total Cache: Accelerate your website by caching.


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