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Best web hosting for small business




I want to share one important lesson that I have learned from my experience is out of dozens of hosting services. The good web host may not always be the right one.

So after a lot of research I have come up with the best web hosting for small business

What is the reason?

Because various types of websites have different needs, some Web hosts may be good in some areas–like speed, technology and others focus on offering a stable and cheaper server.

There are tons of web hosting services as well as web hosting companies available in the market which promises you the best service at a low price. Even you might be getting an SMS or an email from unknown companies to buy their web hosting for a low price. We have tested many of them. Some turned out to be fake, and some very bad which forced us to move our website (tested) within a few days.

Though there are many famous web hosting providers, who provide us web hosting for less than $ 2 / month, we tested many of them, and most of them disappointed us. So considering a price, you will usually get a useful web hosting for small business at a cost between $ 2 – $ 8 per month.

It is essential to get the best web hosting if you run a small business or blog. Choose a second- rate web hosting provider, and your company will be affected by brand value.

There are thousands of providers of web hosting. Sometimes everything can get somewhat confusing. Fortunately, we’re here to help you make sense of everything. We conduct our detailed research.

The companies we listed provide cheapest hosting packages as their plans start offering are affordable. Not only there shared hosting plans are considered best but they are also known for cloud hosting, VPS hosting, managed WordPress hosting, dedicated hosting as they have super-fast dedicated servers all over the world, customer service and comes with tons of free features like a website builder, daily backups and free domains.

We look at the areas that you most care about –such as Reliability, Scalability, features, performance, support, and value for money–and test hosting providers for real vision.

Out of hundreds of web hosting providers we choose four because they are probably the best in the market.

Ranking web hosting for small business

1. SiteGround

2. Dreamhost

3. BlueHost

4. Inmotion Hosting

Now let us analyze these top WordPress hosting one by one

1. SiteGround

SiteGround is a well-known provider of shared web hosting, re-seller hosting, cloud hosting and dedicated hosting. The provider offers locations specific services through the data center’s in Asia, Europe, and the USA.

WordPress recommends SiteGround on their site.

To provide optimal services at all times, SiteGround employs maximum security and top-of-the-line power outages. With advanced technology for Linux, SiteGround promises an uptime of 99.99 percent and is built to remain stable amid traffic jams.

With its team writing over 800 firewall security and anti-hack monitoring tools including smart AI capable of handling brute- force attacks, proactive server monitoring, Leech protected against admin logins on the website and other security measures, SiteGround takes server safety and security seriously.

Free tools and services are available for the platform. SSD is included with every hosting plan, free SSL certificates and 24/7 customer support accessible via telephone, live chat and ticketing.

The platform also features an enhanced cPanel for more intuitive user experience, integrated with the user area. Auto updates will also benefit popular applications like WordPress and Joomla.

Best web hosting for small business

SiteGround Discount price: For $6.99/mo user will get Bandwidth supporting 10,000 visits, free email accounts, SSD storage and much more are available for users including access to 10 GB of storage.

Click here to check Full SiteGround Review
SiteGround Discount
Kindly note through our link you will get a huge discount but it will be applicable for the first invoice only. So it would be better to choose a 36-month plan. Through which you can save a huge amount of money on SiteGround.

Box Out: I would suggest you go with GrowBig or GoGeek plan. GrowBig contains Essential Features of a startup, as well as premium features like Opportunity to host multiple websites, priority technical support. Their in-house super cache developed by SiteGround not only manages to speed up the website but also improves the Google ranking and SEO optimization. This plans also include free backup restores and free site transfer.

While as GoGeek is best them which includes Essential Features of a startup, premium features and Geeky features like a fewer account on a server, PCI Compliant servers, WordPress and Joomla staging, one-click Git Repo Creation, free backups on demand and much more.

Click here to learn how to install WordPress on SiteGround

2. Dreamhost

WordPress officially recommends Dreamhost on its page site. It hosts 1.5 million websites and blogs worldwide. Dreamhost offers various popular plans ranging from shared to Dedicated.

Dreamhost is one of those cheap WordPress hosting company, which offers custom cPanel and their cPanel is designed in a way so that any newbie user with less technical skills can operate it.

We conducted a speed and uptime test of Dreamhost in which it dominates other web hosting provider by a long margin.

Meanwhile, Dreamhost has a long list of features to satisfy your personal- or business-related Web hosting needs. The company’s shared, managed WordPress, virtual private server (VPS), and dedicated plans offer enough options for webmasters to build attractive, flexible sites.

Unfortunately, newcomers who haven’t previously built or maintained a website may find Dreamhost intimidating, because the Web host doesn’t do much hand-holding. That said, if you have the appropriate site-building capabilities, you’ll likely find Dreamhost’s robust and flexible packages quite appealing.

Essential advantages of Dreamhost to consider – Unlimited bandwidth/storage, custom panel, free Adword credit, 1 free domain, SSD and much more.

These are the best and cheap web hosting services currently available online in the market. You can purchase them at a super affordable price, and they offer excellent reliable quality service.

Dreamhost strikes a near-perfect balance of features and price. Now run a WordPress Blog With their 1-click WordPress installer. You can instantly get your WordPress-based blog online – they will even keep it updated.

Best web hosting for small business

Dreamhost lowest price: For $2.59/mo, you will get free SSL Certificate, access to one website, unlimited bandwidth and much more for your shared Starter web hosting plan.

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3. BlueHost

Bluehost offers cost-effective web hosting plans and used by over two million people worldwide. This provider is proud of its built-in servers that deliver robust and lightning speeds while retaining optimal uptime with advanced functionalities included in low-level packages.

A stellar customer support team trained in-house is available to all users and gives them a pleasant web hosting experience. Although Bluehost does not have uptime guarantees, several reports reveal that Bluehost averages 99% of uptime and is considered best hosting providers in the industry.

They also offer a money back guarantee for a 30-day guarantee, which means you, will be fully refunded if it doesn’t meet your needs

All your information is automatically reproduced by Bluehost on three devices. It’s done to protect your valuable data and to rebuild your records with the two mirrored copies if any hardware fails.

This hosting provider is also an excellent platform for WordPress, due to its simple installation and data management, to run on websites powered by WordPress. WordPress recommends Bluehost.

You can quickly comprehend and monitor your website’s performance, uptime and download speed up to usage trends using an intuitive dashboard. If you wish to improve your online presence, you don’t have to worry about server downtime.

Just choose a stronger plan as per your needs, or buy more capacity for your website separately to fit it.

Best web hosting for small business

Bluehost lowest price: For $3.95, you will get a free domain, access to one website, 50 GB storage, unlimited bandwidth, 5 email accounts, 24/7 customer support, and many more for your basic shared web hosting plan.

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4. Inmotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is one of the most popular providers of web hosting in the market. Although the provider is not providing the lowest price, it gives value for money.

A $4.99 base shared web hosting plan, along with marketing tools for visitors attracting and improving the conversion rate is provided with all essential for optimal site operations. Its low-cost monthly options also include a security suite that protects your information and prevents malicious attacks.

InMotion Hosting is tried and tested to ensure a website is always running, with a high 99.99% uptime guaranteed and a large bandwidth to satisfy every visitor 24 hours a day. It partners with leading internet providers which enable those outside the United States to connect directly quickly and confidently to data.

The platform supports MySQL, PHP and eCommerce applications as well. The creation of your websites with InMotion Hosting for new business or blog is easy, thanks to the addition of BoldGrid and a free website builder.

With easy to use drag and drop tools, you can convert your ideas into a reality without any coding know-how. You will find pre-made templates. You can start your business quickly with one-click installs for scripts and apps.

Best web hosting for small business 1

InMotion Hosting Pricing: It offers an exclusive coupon. Which provides a massive discount of $ 4.99 a Month for three years of Shared Web Hosting for all plans. It includes two domains, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited emails, and marketing tools and a security package.

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