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Essential Tech That Real Estate Agents Should Use in 2023




Working with real estate can be quite a demanding job, especially if you as an agent do not use proper tools that could make your everyday tasks a lot easier and save you some time. Believe it or not, there are some tools specially designed for the improvement of the workflow, better exposure, and many more, which will make selling real estate fun and efficient.

In this article, we will show you some of the tools you might be interested in, and which will be of great use in your job. Since there is a large number of such tools on the market, we will introduce you only to those that are truly worth investing in and incorporating into your business.

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Why do real estate agents need to involve tech in their business?

The competition in the real estate market is enormous, especially after the pandemic, so each agent must find new ways to attract his future clients. New technologies were designed to connect people and businesses all around the world, so there are multiple useful tools that can allow every agent to expand his current business and make more profit from it.

These tools include all sorts of modern technologies, including apps, websites, and useful gadgets. Here is a full list of them, so sit back and enjoy!

  1. A camera of high quality

Investing in a tool like the professional camera is number one in every business that deals with some kind of visual aspect. Offering your clients high-quality pictures and videos of your real estate, with included 3D walkthrough will leave them speechless. This is a modern way of selling homes, so every good real estate agent should take that seriously.

  1. Drone

If you wish to give your clients a full view from the sky, so that they do not miss any spot while buying real estate, you can invest in a drone. This way, you will allow your clients to see everything that surrounds their future home and give them pictures and videos of the real estate from an amazing perspective.

  1. AR App

If you are selling a home that is not completely furnished, it is often difficult for buyers to foresee the potential look of an empty room, so the best thing to do is to reach for an augmented reality app. Such apps allow you to put virtual objects, such as furniture, into a certain space and have a full picture of what you might get.

  1. User-friendly website


Every successful business needs a professional, well-organized, and easy-to-use website. Do not forget about that! The first thing that every client will do is search for you on Google and open your website, so make sure you leave a good impression.

  1. Social media profiles

Social Media

Since these days nothing goes by without social media, it is important to make profiles on at least a few of them. Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook might actually bring you a lot of new followers and clients, so do not underestimate them!

  1. Marketing services

What is content marketing

Marketing is definitely something you should invest in because this is a complex process that could take you a lot of time and patience. There are various apps that could help you run your social media and make sure that your business expands to new customers.


By investing in the camera and a drone of great quality, you have already done half of the job! Another half should include paying attention to social media and websites, which could all be run by various apps that can take care of these things. This way, you could dedicate yourself only to the presentation of the real estate and the selling.


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