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What is Google Voice Search




Google Voice Search (also known as Voice Search) is a Google application that enables you to use Google Search via mobile phone or other devices. You need to press or tap on the microphone icon in the Google bar and express your question loudly.

There are many upsides to this process. The significant advantage is that you can browse hands-free, and you can do whatever you want as Google answers your questions.

Voice search also appears to be faster – because most people speak more quickly than they type. No more typing, hands-free, simple answers: voice search is easy to use, as it is almost like a natural conversation.

When a search is not adequate to address you immediately, Google Actions would be useful.

What are Google Actions?

Google Actions are software that adds native voice search results to the Google Assistant so users can use their voice to do stuff. Rather than clicking on your phone as we usually do with Apps, it lets you carry out tasks mainly by talking naturally.

For example, You may ask Google about cheap cloud hosting or play an album, podcast Marketing, or how to start a blog with WordPress.

How many languages Google Voice Search speak?

Originally accessible only for American English, Google Voice commands in 60 different languages, and their local variations.

Google app users have been able to select up to five languages since August 2014, and the device is automatically recognizing the language spoken. This function is perfect for polyglots ( a person who knows and is able to use several languages) who are fluent in more than one language and need to find local content.

How to select multiple languages on your Google App

To select various languages, click on the main Google app settings, and from there, click on the Voice section. The menu item you’re searching for is called Languages. This will begin a new range of menu, which comprises all the languages supported, each one with a checkbox. You can pick up to five of them for your smartphone to approve, but be sure to pick up a default language.

Where can you find it?

Android Devices: Users of Android can still activate Google Voice Search with “OK Google.” These can be used to send the computer voice commands, find some details, and get instructions.

iOS Devices: iPhone and iPad users will turn on Google App voice search to say “OK Google.”

Chrome: mobile users can scan Google Voice on their Chrome computers.

Google Maps: smartphone users may use voice commands to receive Maps directions and other content.

YouTube: English-speaking users may use Google Voice Search derivatives to add video text subtitles.

Google Home: the same technology powers Google’s newborn home helper.


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