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Tips to Find Out Who Owns Domain Name




You have been brainstorming domain names for a long time. You have used various domain recommendation methods. And eventually, you find out the right name.

Yet when you try to register your domain name, you find that someone has already bought it.

Once you give up the ideal name and start the whole cycle a new from scratch, remember that you can still get a better name.

Occasionally registered domain names can be bought if you know how to locate the user.

For a variety of different purposes, people invest in domain names. Often you launch your website on this domain. It’s just for investment purposes sometimes. 

If you do not regularly use and maintain the website, you are interested in, and then the owner will be happy to hear from an interested buyer. So even though the owner is using the domain name specified at the moment, you may still have a chance if you’re willing to invest enough to make a sale worth to them.

In both cases, you should expect to spend more on the domain name than if you had something that no one else had yet. But it’s worth trying your odds if you want that domain name.

How to Find Out Who Owns a Domain Name

Until you know if it is possible to purchase your domain, you need to find out how to contact it. How much effort is involved may rely on some factors, but at least through these three steps, you should be able to roll it.

1) Visit the Website

In situations where the owner has bought the domain as an investment, you can quickly contact them. Start with the website to see what is happening.

It may be the domain is on sale and include information about contacts or a form that you can fill out. Or if the domain is in active use, you will find contact information on the Contact or About page.

Suppose you are lucky enough, you have found out the owner of the domain and contacted him through his website. If not, then you can take the next step.

2) Check the WHOIS Directory

Any time anyone buys a domain name, it is essential to collect simple contact details by the domain registrar who processes the sale. The information is then sent to the WHOIS registry to monitor who runs each website online.

Put in the domain name and scroll down to find all data listed in the WHOIS directory. In some cases, this may include contact information from the owner. If so, then you can skip the next step.

However, if domain information is locked, then still the domain registrar and domain expiry date will be present. This will let you know if the domain will soon be renewed. If so, you can purchase it cheaper when it expires rather than buying it directly from them. Yet it works only if they don’t renew, so need to wait. 

3) Contact the Domain Registrar

Most domain registrars already protect the domain name, keeping the user’s personal details out of the WHOIS folder. In the meantime, the WHOIS list is no longer a secure way of seeking personal contact details.

For certain instances, you would not know who the owner is through the folders directly. But you will find out with whom the domain was registered.

That’s not a dead-end yet. Go to the domain registrar’s website (just type the name, if not registered in the WHOIS) to find their contact information. Send them an email, call or let them know which domain you would like to purchase and ask them to give your details to the owner. The registrar will have the contact information of the owner in the file and can express the interest with them without violating the protection of privacy.

What next? 

You have three different directions to consider at this stage.

  1. Contact the Domain Name Owner

If one of the steps above leads you to the website’s owner, it is time to contact them. Send an email to let them know you’re interested in buying their domain.

Ensure your email reflects seriousness and professionalism to stop sounding like spam. When you have a reputable email address on a domain name, it looks more credible than a yahoo or Gmail account. If not, at least try setting up a Gmail account that looks a little more professional.

  • Ensure that your email contains

Your contact details like your email and mobile number, so the domain seller can easily pick the preferred type.

Words that indicate you are ready to pay – you may not wish to include a specific deal yet (if you do not know where it stands, you may give more than you need), but you will respond more likely if you know that this is a genuine business offer.

Something which demonstrates your integrity – how can you confirm that you are a not a spammer and real person? You can give them your web address or LinkedIn profile link.

People receive a lot of spam, so you want to make it clear that you are a genuine person with real interest. If you can pull that off, you have a much higher chance of getting an answer.

  1. Recruit a Domain Broker

If you haven’t been able to find the owner’s contact information at this point, or still want some assistance to manage the bid process, look into hiring a domain broker. Organizations such as Sedo exist to support the management of transactions between domain sellers and purchasers.

Suppose you have no experience in the purchase of a domain name. In that case, they will help you figure out a reasonable price, find the right person to contact, and guarantee that the purchasing process goes through the proper steps to make everyone happy. There are many scammers in the online world, and online brokers can help you to avoid it.

  1. Consider a New Domain Name

Even if you take all these steps, you will either a domain owner doesn’t want to sell the domain or only sells it on a higher price, which you cannot afford.

Then many freelancing websites offer to brainstorm and create a brand or domain name at a low price. 


It is difficult to find the right domain name that is not already owned. There are already so many websites that most of the ideas have been snapped up. But you can still buy the domain you want. If that is not the case, you will find a little creativity or flexibility which works as well.


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