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How to Reduce Cart Abandonments By Half On Magento Stores




Here’s a fun fact: Did you know about 72 per cent of shoppers enjoy their shopping experience when they see delivery dates attached to their online purchases?. Delivery and its components I regarded as one of the five main pain points in the e-commerce industry. This is why having a smooth and well-managed delivery process can give you an edge in your niche.

The statistics show that: 61% of customers prefer a 3-hour window delivery, 72% expect weekend shopping, while 80% is shoppers prefer same-day shipping. So, what can you do optimize your delivery process?

There are several ways to fine-tune your delivery process. In this post, we explore some of the key ways to optimize order delivery. Here goes:

1. Display The Fastest Delivery Option On Product Pages

A study conducted by Inchoo shows that up to 81% of shoppers expect a timeframe for their delivery. This gives off feel of a guaranteed date. It’s even better when they see this date on the page when they check out their purchases.

Shoppers don’t have to second-guess a purchase when on your store. You can add this feature to your site with the help of a certified USA Magento developer, thus offering better flexibility to your customers.

2. Offer Preferred Delivery Date and Time

Give customers the ability to choose their preferred delivery date and time. Factoring in these logistics is enough to give you the edge over the competition. Online shoppers especially love to have more control over the delivery time.

3. Include Delivery Preferences in The Comments Field

Do you want to provide a wholesome shopping experience for your visitors? Include an option for the customer to drop a comment alongside their orders that contains their delivery preferences. This will help you cater to your customer needs and promote customer loyalty to your brand.

4. Have Your Magento Developers Team Implement a Delivery Date Extension

Depending on the discretion of your Magento team, your site should implement a module that overcomes the usual limitations of Magento 2. On the front-end, your customers will see exquisite designs that showcase delivery date messages for product pages and also get a chance to choose their preferred date and time for delivery.

All thanks to that special comments box. In the backend, store owners get advanced management possibilities that include;

  • Order limits, time intervals, and extra charges
  • Highlight the available delivery slots with options to set additional charges and limits whenever a range is required

This functionality helps in terms of even delivery, to avoid overloading your business with identical delivery times for items, which further promotes the quality of your delivery services.

Charging extra for specific time slots will also cover the additional expenses of logistics.

5. Backend Delivery Queue Calendar 

Delivery logistics has never been easier. With the delivery queue calendar and records, there is complete oversight for at least 30 days between delivery options. The features mentioned so far might require the services of a USA Magento Web development company to successfully and safely implement the functionalities.

6. Holidays and Weekends Delivery Management 

It can be exhausting to manage deliveries during holidays and days off. With a delivery date extension, merchants and store owners can remove the desired days from the delivery calendar in less than five clicks. There’s more to come.

Additional features include delivery configuration for individual modules, group-based delivery options, daily/weekly/global delivery quotas, delivery options management grid, and many more functionalities similar in nature.

Bottom Line

It is generally known that Magento 2 by itself, is limited in terms of delivery options. Thankfully, there are loads of quality third party extensions and solutions that can add much-needed functionalities to your site.

Want to stop visitors from leaving your store without making a purchase? Get a credible team of Magento developers for your backend Magento services to help you implement features that wk lush your site to the forefront of your niche.

Sometimes, it’s that simple, folks.


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