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Google, Bing, Sony, kodak, and the list goes on. What’s different about those names? Memorable, Short or catchy. There are almost tons of factors that are used to create a brand name. Coming up with a brand name is not only challenging but it is the most important task for any business.

A good company name, blog name or Business name can make your business and a bad company name can break your business. Each business name has its potential depending upon certain factor like syllables or whether a name is Assonance, Alliteration and how much imagery, rhyme name this is or whether the name is a metaphor or invented word. Confused, So was I?

So what to do if I am a blogger or I need a name for a company. There are many companies that are specialized in creating names like Boskier Inc which ensures you save your thousands of dollars as well as time. A most importantly the right name.

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They take almost every factor in mind and depending on these factors they create a company name.

Some of the factors they take into account are :

what should suit you?

What image will create it in mind while saying you or anyone say it (Imagery)

If the brand name is two more words, then did it creates the same sound at the beginning. e.g: Range Rover, Dunkin Donuts and Coca-Cola, Best Buy, Krispy Kreme. These type of names are called Alliteration.

Now if a brand or company name is composed of one word or string of words, then do vowel sounds are repeated in words or phrases to make it sound great. e.g: Hagen-Dazs, YouTube and FedEx

Sometimes names are created for playful niche and rhyme type of brand names suits them. e.g: Piggily Wiggly. Though these names don’t sound good for companies but can be used for books, kindergarten etc.

Amazon is considered as a metaphor as the brand name not associated with eCommerce but is created on the base of the vastness


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