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How to Come Up with a Blog Name




How can you create a great blog name in your niche without wasting endless hours?

In recent years, we have launched several websites and observed countless successful sites. We have learned something significant:

Your real domain name is less relevant than you think.

Ask why?

You probably think your blog name is the most crucial aspect of your website as a new blogger. I know that you have spent hours trying to find a cool and catchy domain name for a website.

Yet the secret here is:

Your content is what defines your blog — not the domain name of your blog.

Let’s dive in!

Why does not your domain name matter that much?

Sure, a great domain name helps, as your site audience remembers it quickly. But it’s not that relevant overall.

A blog with a great domain name may have poor content, and a blog with a common domain name can have good content.

We observed both, and I can tell you that it’s the CONTENT that counts.

I will give an example of our Digital Marketing blog (bloggerwalk.com) in real life.

This wasn’t my best moment to decide on the domain name. The name of the domain is:

  • Not just a single phrase
  • A little long
  • And so it is difficult to type or recommend to others in a browser.

If anyone asked us what our website was, we tried to describe it and typically met the new players.

Yet given all of this, I could still earn the right amount of dollars per month regularly with this blog.

Our customers enjoy our content and the quality of the recommended products and services. That’s the only thing at the end of the day that matters!

I tell you this because I don’t want you to get caught up at the beginning stage of your blog.

Find a cool and catchy domain for your website and proceed to the next level. Let’s start finding you a great domain name.

What do you think before picking a blog name?

Let us begin with some advice based on what we learned from domain names hunting in the past.

  • You’ll take most “natural” blog names or ideas.

An average to great domain names are already registered by someone before decades or already purchased by a domain squatter.

Domain squatters are people who purchase domain names that they believe would be valuable enough to sell them to others for profit.

So you may see that a domain name is there, but it will cost you a few thousand dollars to millions of dollars to purchase.

I doubt you’d purchase it anyway because you don’t have money like that lying around, but if that isn’t obvious. Please don’t.

Find another domain name not costing a Rocket.

So if you’re really on a specific term, consider this next idea.

  • You can use a .com

There are several websites today that offer odd domain names. I saw a Twitter ad recently for buying domains such as  Jack-john .app or Ann-maria .tech

Do not fall for this trap. You don’t want a pause or a dash in your domain name or anything out of the ordinary.

If a .com extension is not available, then search for another top-level domain extension. Suppose you are planning to open a website related to network or tech, then choose .net extension. If your site is a non-profit, then the .org extension is best for you.

Next option available for you is country code top-level domain extensions like .us, .co.uk

Now come to the point.

How to Come Up with a Blog Name

  1. Gather a list of your niche-related random words.

Begin by compiling a list of your crucial topic (or specific focus) words. e.g., if you are planning to write or start a business about Marketing. Then collect the terms related to marketing like sell, retail, sale, vend, merchandise, trade, peddle, discount etc.

  1. Using a thesaurus online to get more ideas.

This will help you to gather even more words and ideas for a significant blog name. Just type your keyword, and you will get tons of terms related to yours.

  1. Add some words of slang for fun

It will help you like Marketingly, marketify etc.

  1. Use other descriptive verbs.

Add other dictionary words, but they should be related to marketing in one or the other. e.g. Marketing and Sale

  1. Add certain related adjectives.

Use adjectives as well so that creating a domain name from your word would be a little bit different but with the same taste.

  1. Mix, match and see what you’re coming up

Mix everything and see what comes up. It surely will be something different and short. You will come up with a variety of domain names.

It can take many attempts to find what you like but don’t get discouraged. Once you created the domain name. You are ready to register it.

What Next ?

If you still need any more assistance. Then try our blog name generator.

You can add your word. The generator will come up with a lot of .com domain names related to your business. The generator can also provide some random domain name ides and includes some keywords related to your business.

Check out the infographics below explaining How to Come Up with a Blog Name

How to Come Up with a Blog Name


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